Eric Super

Freelance Fantasy Artist & Drawer

Location:Columbus, Ohio, United States
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To be entirely straight forward, I am not an art student, or art graduate. I'm majoring in biochemistry, with sights on medical school. The thing that comes with this? I'm a college student. When I was younger I had been dead set on Art School, now it is a passion and only a minor. I'm looking for jobs that put me outside my comfort area of art, while also looking for jobs in my strengths (because once again, poor college student yada yada)

I list writing at one of my directories, not because I am some glorious writer, but I do have a very personalized writing style. There's an article I accidentally (unintentionally as well) wrote which will be available somewhere in my portfolio. My writing tends to rely heavily on use of drawn out metaphors and irony as well as relying excessively on sarcasm and misleading the reader. I've been told it's entertaining, however I am certain it is more frustrating and people were just being patronizing

Experience (Pertaining to Art and Writing)
-Literally more or less customizing anything. Laptops/shoes/anything like that. More unfamiliar the better
-Painted a 6x8' mural for Metro Health Hospital's pediatric inpatient playroom
-Designed several tattoo's for friends (and self)
-Couple commissions from my old high school in graphic design, such as logo and pamphlets
for Their art show (called "Art Exposed")
-Plein Air Painting
-Still Life's
-Scripted, Filmed, and Edited PSA's for the US Coast Guard's "Boating Safety Week"
-Accidentally wrote an article for "uWeekly"
-Random joke Fanfiction from challenges on Reddit

Yeah. I know. Super impressive. At any rate, I'm cheap, bored, and an honest individual.

Skills from my major are only really applicable to terrorist organizations and meth labs
(That's an organic chemistry joke, not a serious offer, I have a funny thing called morals)

If I am extremely interested in your job, I will do it for free, since Art mainly serves to prevent me from bashing my head against my desk.
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Fantasy Art