Nick Vittum

Freelance Editor & Biography Writer

Location:Plainfield, Vermont, United States
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I am new to this field—or more precisely, am returning to it after a long absence. I do not have a long resume of editing, but I can say that I hold an MFA in writing (Goddard College) and that I have worked as an editor, ghost-writer, and graphic designer in the past, and more recently have taught writing (both creative and non-fiction) at the college level.

I am seeking early retirement and looking for a reliable and enjoyable way to supplement income. A couple of days ago, I was editing a document for a friend, and he was so pleased with the results that he said “why don’t you do this for a living?”— and the only answer that I don’t know how to break into the field. I would happily do < i>one< i> job for you ("special one-time-only offer!") at 75% of your standard rate, simply to have it on my resume.

I will send my full resume by e-mail to any seriously interested parties, although at this point I’m afraid it will say very little about editing work.
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Biography Writing