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Andy Kuhn

Freelance Script Writer, Comedy Writer, & More

Location:Rochester, New York, United States
12 Skills
Andrew Kuhn

American Television (2010) – 20 minute comedy/satire. A mother bribes her son to go on a reality TV show, but only to get her daughter discovered as a singer.
Wrote, directed, and produced the film. Cut end credit sequence. Shot on both HD and video using an HVX and DSR 300.

Hitting Huey (2009) – 13 minute dark comedy. Two teens must decide what to do with their friend after he breaks his leg in a car accident.
Wrote, directed, edited, and produced the film. Shot on HD using an HVX.

Breaking News (2009) – 3 minute comedy/satire. Local reporter Cliff Sanders breaks the news of Sam Olsen’s one-night stand.
Wrote, directed, and edited the film. Shot on both HD and Video using an HVX and DSR 300.

Feature-Length Scripts:
Guardians of Rochester (In Progress): A charismatic opinion leader defends his city against Neo-Nazi and Terrorist invasions in a dystopian world on the brink of nuclear war.

Mercy Rule (2012 - Graduate Thesis): A Minor League baseball player takes up Little League coaching after he is kicked off his team for fighting with a rival player.

Maple Grove (2011): A young drug addict is sentenced to inpatient rehab, where he discovers a trafficking conspiracy.

Television Scripts:
It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (2013): Have Written two unaired episodes for the FX sitcom.

Technical Skills:
-Wrote four feature-length scripts, and am working on a fifth. Each has shown drastic improvement from the last
-Wrote and directed four films, produced four films, edited two films, shot a film, and assisted fellow students in all areas of production while at RIT.
-Wrote two episodes of a sitcom
-Directed one- and two-camera shoots.
-Directed and edited on two different formats within the same film
-Directed a music and promotional video for City Life Entertainment
-Skilled editor; proficient with Final Cut Pro
-Proficient with Final Draft scriptwriting software
Other Relevant Skills:
-Exceptional performance director
-Have a knack for finding the right music, ambience, and sound effects to suit a scene
-Have a knack for intercutting a script
-Exceptional creative writer and poet
-Exceptional written and spoken communication skills
-Strong team-worker; am able to give helpful feedback to filmmakers while open-mindedly accepting theirs
-Strong ability to “think outside the box.”
-Have shown significant directorial improvement from my first to fourth film
-Natural leader
-Astute learner
-Hard, honest worker
-Am able to relate to and sympathize with people from a diverse array of backgrounds
-Acting experience; comfortable on screen
-Accumulated customer service experience throughout work at part time jobs
-Hands-on marketing experience

Relevant Employment:
City Life Media (Rochester, NY) (November 2010 – October 2013)
Director/Writer/Producer: Directed, wrote, and produced promotional web videos, music videos, etc.

Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York
MFA in Film and Animation, Emphasis in Scriptwriting
Graduation Date: December 2012
GPA: 3.53

West Virginia University, Morgantown, West Virginia
BA in Communication Studies
Graduation Date: May 2008
GPA: 3.73 Major GPA: 4.0