Pauline Vullings

Freelance Children's Book Illustrator & Illustrator

Location:New Zealand
2 Skills
Hello, I'm Pauline. I am contacting you in regards to the position advertised as As an illustrative artist.
You have found the perfect person!!!!! This would really suit me, and would fit your style! It would be great if you could contact me as soon as possible, so you can view some of my work.
I have an in depth knowledge expertise and skills in a various creative areas. I have particular skills and talent in employing a range of media such as pencil, pen and ink washes, watercolour, chalk pastels and oil-sticks to produce i.e. landscapes, portraits and symbolic works. I am a master at arts such as cross-stich, pottery, ceramics, sculpture, woodcarving, stained glass, weaving, printmaking, batik, patchwork and quilting.

I have a strong background in Art, but mostly been employed as an earlychildcare teacher, so I would know just what you need!
always had intense interest in anthropological subjects – the histories, traditions and legends of peoples, and really enjoy involvement in varying cultures and backgrounds.I am a very creative and social person with confident people skills and a cheerful disposition, talented in working with children and adults, relating well with people of varying backgrounds and cultures. My energy and enthusiasm enables me to establish great rapports with children parents and colleagues. I speak fluent Dutch and German as well as English. I have enjoyed organising and teaching workshops for parents and colleagues including fostering creative arts and voice of storytelling. I have a unique gift in entertainment, utilising drama, face-painting and storytelling, and create amazing displays and play-spaces.
I have always loved the artistic aspects of education. I grew up in a close-knit family of 6; We emigrated from the Netherlands to New-Zealand in 1981. Our mum often made our clothes, sewing and knitting, we had a vegetable garden, no television, and creativity and arts were encouraged. So you see, I am teacher, learning and workshop facilitator, entertainer, and child and Art guru extraordinaire!

Don’t miss out! Contact me right away! I look forward to hearing from you soon,