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Esty Shaul

Freelance Writer & Screenwriter

Location:Levittown, New York, United States
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I am a screenwriter with several completed screenplays, including a Romantic Comedy and an action thriller entitled “Divinity”, a GRAND PRIZE winner of the BOSI international competition and a QUARTER FINALIST in the international PAGE competition.

I am presently working on two more screenplays, a fantasy Action/Adventure and an Action/Thriller, while working as a Freelance Writer for various web media sites.

Specialties: Action/thrillers/adventures/fantasy/sci-fi; romantic comedy; family.

To me, writing is as vital as the air I breathe while movies are my passion. Every word I write brings me closer to the essential truth of what makes me who I am, while every screenplay brings me closer to my dream. Screenwriting allows me to combine my love for writing and film, and to create and share that which I believe will somehow enrich and impact the lives of others. It is for this reason that I became a writer/screenwriter seeking intriguing screenwriting projects and freelance writing assignments.

I look forward to writing for you,
Esty Shaul.
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