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Location:Sidney, Nebraska, United States
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William H. Stroker is of course just a pseudonym that I write under. If the humor behind this name is completely lost to you, I suggest that you consult a ten-year-old. My real name is Brian David Gray. I was born and raised in a small town called Sidney Nebraska and still currently reside there. I drive a semi truck for a local food delivery service. Although, I only plan on continuing this line of work until my career as a male model/astronaut takes off. However, I’m almost certain that this delusional potential occupation is undoubtedly out of my reach. One can only dream.
As far as my worth as a writer is concerned, I am a high school graduate and have no other further education in English, Grammar, or Literature in any sense. In other words my sentence structure and spelling more then often leave something to be desired. Honestly, a dyslexic Chimpanzee with down syndrome and a head full of acid could very easily defeat me in a game of Scrabble. Thank whatever deity you worship for spell check and un-employed starving college students that will edit my work for a six pack and some questionable recreational substances!
I was born into Catholicism. However, I now more or less walk the path of mysticism. I’m agnostic not atheist. I’m twenty five years old. I enjoy the reckless consumption of alcohol and long walks on the beach. Which is impressive considering I’ve never even seen the ocean. My humor has been described as eccentrically dry and often times severely lacking good taste.

“Ah good Taste, what a dreadful thing! Taste is the enemy of creativity.”
….Pablo Picasso.
As a potential employer, I'm sure you're asking yourself "Why would I hire this person? He has absolutely no professional experience and the work he has submitted in his portfolio is mediocre at best."
Logic would dictate that you would have to be desperate or completely out of your mind to even consider hiring such an inexperienced loose cannon with no credentials and very little remaining sanity.
Why? Why not? Every great writer starts at the bottom. Did Leonardo Da Vinci or Pablo Picasso have degrees in art? Did William Shakespeare have a literature degree? Did the Wright brothers take aviation classes?
Maybe I'm not the best choice. Or, maybe I'm the diamond in the rough you've been searching for. You will never know unless you take a chance. I took a chance when I wrote this now all I'm asking for is a chance to write....
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