Ashlee Comerford

Freelance Artist & Portrait Artist

Location:Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
2 Skills
National Award Winning Oil Painter

When I paint, my world feels in balance: it is the blending of spirit and body to, in turn, blend imagination and reality.

Ashlee Comerford Trcka’s passion for art began as a child but it was not until 2008 that she truly followed her “calling”: juried into a Denver Arts League class instructed by acclaimed artist Ron Hicks, Ashlee progressed from “new” to “award-winning” in just months.

Comerford Trcka credits much of her rapid progress to the quality of her instruction by Hicks -augmented by workshops with other acclaimed artists most notably Kim English, and (Master) Quang Ho. Ron taught me about shapes and values, to see and paint the essence of an object; Kim instilled the beauty and richness of color and to work efficiently; Quang helped me to more deeply focus on design, to see the big picture of objects in their places within the space, and (most of all) to keep the joy in it.

Comerford Trcka is prolific turning out some 80 paintings in her first 2 years and drawing inspiration from everything around her. When I’m not painting I’m thinking about painting, or studying the works of the Masters. It’s what I love to do and I’ve been told it shows in my work.
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Portrait Art