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Freelance Graphic Designer & Website Ad Designer

Location:Youngstown, Ohio, United States
Phone: 3309800759
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To err is human, to create divine.

I adore the art of creation and imagination. I use it in everything I do. From concept art, to oil paintings. My need to create & express myself supersedes any other need in my life. It is a passion I have known since childhood and it's that passion that fuels my love for my work.

Every job I take is a creative gauntlet thrown in front of me. A puzzle to be solved. A mystery to be uncovered. Dramatic? Of course! What is life without it?

I believe in a very simple concept: do what you love. I love art. And so it is that I offer some of the lowest rates for my work. This is a labor of love, not simply a business. And it shows in all of my work. I do not work simply for the deadline or the paycheck. I work for the thrill and the approval. I want my clients to be as thrilled by my work as I am making it. And they are. Always. I work to make it so.
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Graphic Design
Website Ad Design