Will Dunn

Freelance Book Writer & Business Plan Writer

Location:Melbourne, Arkansas, United States
2 Skills
Since December 2011 I have been working with my rabbi to proofread, edit, and create books of various lengths. Prior to that I have written books of poetry as well as a book about self-injury. I have edited and proofread a commentary on the Old, New and Future Testament. I have translated the bible (Old and New Testament). I have created a Wiki program for the Future Testament. I have created a study guide for the Future Testament as well. Most recently I have created a sacred names translation of the bible by translating words where appropriate to make a bible version that contains the sacred names of God in both the Old and New Testaments. The editorial goal was to create a bible version that is easy to read, giving the reader the chance to read in the bible the words that were most likely (according to source languages) spoken at the time of original writing. NOTE: The Future Testament is a book that my rabbi and his wife created to explain various biblical issues in a clear and poignant way.