Sam Yeates

Freelance Digital Artist & Book Cover Designer

Location:Austin, Texas, United States
Phone: 512-472-2187
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Experienced and creative video game illustrator and texture artist, bringing a fine artist’s sensibilities to bear. Possesses advanced facility with Photoshop software, specializing in innovative creation and placement of textures. Expert-level experience level in Maya, used for placement and application of textures, as well as modeling and UV creation. Development background includes more than 13 high-end video games, including the well-known and popular Epic Mickey series. Previously I was a free lance Illustrator for 20 years. I did work for Lone Star Beer, Heileman Brewing Co., Budweiser, Warner Brother Records as well as many others. I currently show paintings in galleries in San Francisco, Santa Fe and Austin.
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Senior Texture Environment Artist (2008-2013)
• Contributed as one of the initial team behind brainstorming, creating and refining the concept, look and feel of the Epic Mickey video game series.
• Created original, compelling concept art and texture production for the final game art.
• Integrated design work done by outsourced artists into the final version of the game.
• Used advanced Photoshop and Maya skills throughout the process from preproduction through style creation to final game texturing.

Contract Texture and Environment Artist (2006-2008)
• Performed detailed texture creation for a number of high-profile video games, as a contract artist while Junction Point Studios was still an independent company. Games included:
o Ninja Gold, under the guidance and tutelage of well-known film director John Woo
o Half Life 2, involving Photoshop- and Maya-generated character work and textures on various game levels.
RUNNING DOG STUDIO, Austin, Texas…worked contract 2005-2006
• Played an integral role in the end-to-end process of creating the look and art for the game Tino’s Fruit Stand for Big Fish Games.

SONY ONLINE ENTERTAINMENT, Austin, Texas….. worked contract 2005-2006
• Created maps, icons and textures for Star Wars Galaxies.

ION STORM, Austin, Texas…..….. 2002-2005
• Worked as a texture artist for numerous complex, multi-leveled games for the Xbox and PlayStation 2 platforms, as well as for PC. Developed a unique time-saving process to double the size of textures for PC, used during the enlarging and touching-up processes.
On Deus Ex3, worked on creating, leveling, coordinating, and placing textures using Havoc editor software.
o On Thief – Deadly Shadows, assisted in its completion in the role of senior artist.
DIGITAL ANVIL, Austin, Texas… worked contract 1998-2001
• Refined textures for architectural elements, as well as terrain and skyscapes, in the Loose Cannon video game.
• Assisted with creation of space environments and planet textures in the game Freelancer.

MICROPOSE, Austin, Texas 1997
• Utilized advanced functionality of 3DSMax and Photoshop to finesse environmental features in the game Civilization II: Fantastic Worlds.

ORIGIN SYSTEMS, Austin, Texas 1994-1997
• Devised texture and character art for Wing Commander 3DO and created cover illustrations and advertising for Wing Commander 3 and 4, as well as other titles for Origin and Electronic Arts.


Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Drawing and Painting
North Texas State University, Denton, Texas
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Digital Art
Book Cover Design