Freelance French Translator & Creative Writer

Location:Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Phone: +27720225055
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I am entirely unconventional, well read with eclectic tastes, intelligent, passionate and intense,but mellowed and balanced out with a good sense of humour and a healthy ability to laugh at myself. I enjoy exploring every facet of life, seek out thought-provoking conversation and take pleasure in spending time with interesting people. I love exploring, travel extensively, and although I really enjoy the outdoors, I am equally at home with a good book. I love a good book, novel, autobiography, occasionally one that I can put my brain in neutral (or even reverse) and when it comes to music you can't beat the 80s and 90s,-but hey-that's just my opinion. I even do classical and enjoy a bit of opera- enough to have a favourite (Carmen). My(active) interests in sport include skydiving, horse riding, mountain biking, and I challenge myself constantly to stay in the best shape I possibly can; all so that I can enjoy this incredible life to the maximum. So yes- I do spend a fair amount of time in the gym each week, But I still enjoy good food, a good bottle of wine (a GREAT bottle if it's red), a good party with well chosen company (or a bunch of strangers in the right mindset), and live in the unshakeable belief that my future will always be better than my past-and my past has been a pretty damn good experience with more than a few wrinkles and character building surprises!(I think I have enough character now!) My best attribute is that WELL developed sense of humour I mentioned earlier. I think I must have done something pretty incredible in my last life to get sent to a fantastic place like this-so I have made it my goal in life to love more and laugh more, and to actively find more to laugh and smile about; this life ain't no dress rehearsal, this is it-the main event, all we've got that we know about-so best we don't take life (or ourselves) too seriously... . It's all about the journey; the destinations tend to reveal themselves on the way.