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Location:Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States
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Confucius has been attributed as saying, "The journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step." However, for a graphic designer, a journey of 1000 ideas actually begins with a single line. Ideas, in my opinion, are the very essence (R)Evolution, Innovation, and Change.

Promoting and fostering ideas with Graphic Art has been my M.O. for the last 10+ years...all the while promoting a creative environment for all concerned. from 2003-2006 i worked for Studio Ironcat publishing Japanese Graphic Novels (manga) prior to the company closing down.

• Provided layouts for Japanese Graphic Novels with use of graphics based on predetermined guidelines and formats.
• Determined and created western fonts to closely mimic typographically the Japanese fonts used in Japanese Graphic Novels
• Translated and/or adapted to English Japanese text for Graphic Novels
• Created a unique system for mock-ups of Japanese Graphic novels in order to clarify the "right-to-left" Asian format that was confusing print companies, thus saving time and money for both the publishing and printing companies.
• Met deadlines by assembling a personal team to accomplish production stages of Japanese graphic novels (usually 2 - 3 books at a time)
• Created original art used to quickly advertise new titles
• Intermediary between customer, publisher, and printer to ensure goals were met
• Identified new print company to use when previous print company became mistake-prone and expensive


in addition, i've freelanced and illustrated a variety of materials in a variety of styles...though my own personal "Manga-esque" style has become my preference these days --- that's not to say i'm unable to draw in another style!

examples of my work found at: or or!/media/set/?set=a.1052355875052.2009620.1410420238&type=3