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Dorothy Diaz

Freelance Annual Report Writer & Article Writer

Location:Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
Phone: +27769788183
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I am a creative and skilled Editor with diverse knowledge of writing content for the web, print media and advertising platforms across. I am am available to freelance as a writer/editor or copywriter.

I do believe that I have a natural passion for writing. I have the needed skills for a position as a required freelance and experience writer.

I have gained new qualities as a writer and these are: curiosity, perspective, discernment and humility. I have had to constantly come up with new ideas and this has created a curious nature in me. I am now able to identify a particular audience and write content that the identified market/audience can relate to; this is with the help of SEO and other research skills that I have learnt through my Writing for the Web Course that I have done through SA Writers College.

I have other capabilities such as; the ability to communicate information and ideas so that others will understand, the ability to come up with unusual or clever ideas about a given topic or subject, the ability to understand information and ideas presented in writing and the ability to see detail at close range. I am able to think creatively and communicate with people within and outside of the organisation.

I enjoy exploring my writing on various social media platforms.
I am a writer, poet, blogger, editor, script writer, article writer, web content writer and speech writer.