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Sib Torres

Freelance Animator & Storyboarder

Location:Sherman Oaks, California, United States
Phone: 818-618-1385
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For the past twenty-five years, I have worked in the field of traditional 2-D Animation starting as an assistant animator for Hanna-Barbara Production then later developing my skills as an Effects animator for Walt Disney Feature Animation, Boss Films and Warner Brothers Classics. As an Effects Animator I can create rain, fire, smoke and dust effects. I can also animate lightning and electricity effects, my favorite thing to animate. Since working on the feature film, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, I was one of the first to learn how to create convincing tones, highlights and shadows for 2-D animated characters. Also, having run my own business for the last twelve years, I have developed strong people skills and continue to work well under extreme pressure. I am also qualified in pre-production and have experience in photography, editing, directing talent and delegating work to create a finished product. I am also knowledgeable in Adobe Photoshop, Anime Pro and Final Cut.
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