WM. Hayden Edgmon

Freelance Movie Producer & Animator

Location:Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States
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My name is WM. Hayden Edgmon and I am a freelance filmmaker/director/editor/writer/cinematographer/voice over artist/animator.

I have worked on everything from shorts (both commercial and narrative) to feature films.
My passion is truly narratives but I am incredibly efficient at making commercials on a good budget.
My editing skills are superb and I have my own software, if you require that. I am very fast at any post production job and I am a very careful animator.

As far as animation goes I can make commercially styled work, with gradients and text, or I can make deranged cartoon styled work, for pilots, kick-starters, and company events.

You will find that in all cases I am an excellent worker, a strong leader, a good motivator, and a helpful friend.

I am also incredibly athletic and can get coverage of your hiking trips, mountain climbing expeditions, ski trips, snorkeling and scuba diving, wherever your next destination is, I can immortalize your experience in a hi definition format.

I also can do special events like plays, weddings, funerals, and birthdays.
I am also open to special requests and new ideas.

I look forward to working with you.

Below you will find my CV (Resume)

WM. Hayden Edgmon
602-722-7566/ haydenedgmon@gmail.com

Qualifications Summary:

• Film and Television Production: Highly experienced in creative narrative and broadcasting projects. Plans projects around corporate needs and maintains high completion rate. Provocative storyteller and innovative worker, highly knowledgeable on film equipment. Coordinates screenplay beat breakdowns, treatments, scene writing and editing, professional experience in Animation, video and sound editing.
• Administration and Communication: Coordinates technical aspects between planning and production with department heads to promote maximum efficiency. Direct student showcases and film department events.
• Technical Proficiencies: Efficient in the capabilities of Final Cut, Premiere, Avid, Maya, Photoshop, ToonBoom, Aftereffects, Microsoft office, and illustrator. Dedicated photographer. Understands the process of scripting, transitioning a script to a visual means, adapting, editing and coordinating reads.
• Strengths and Accomplishments: Created short films for sixteen years. Experienced Writer/Director/Actor


Detail Education:

• NMSU Creative Media Institute Graduate
• Crimson Scholar with GPA of 3.8

Selected Projects:

• 1st AD on “In The Mix” (Short Film)
• Editor for “Shattered” (Short Film)
• Editor for “Altered Trepidation” (Short Film)
• Writer/Director/Actor for “When the Money Goes” (Short film kick starter)
• Production Assistant “The Odd Way Home” (Feature Film)
• Office Production Coordinator “The Odd Way Home” (Feature Film)
• Editor/Director for “When **** Get’s Real” (48 hr film fest)
• Editor/Director for “Paraffin” (El Paso film festival Best student short)

WM. Hayden Edgmon pg. 2
602-722-7566/ haydenedgmon@gmail.com

Listing Details:

• Slant Media, Las Cruces, New Mexico, office coordinator and Production assistant.
• Learned broadcasting and narrative storytelling at Ch.99 in Chandler AZ.
• Wrote and planned short productions at Hot Seat Media.
• Maintained sound equipment and Camera at Gateway Studios.
• Field cam for AggieVision.
• Interned as Office Production Coordinator and Production Assistant for “The Odd Way Home.” (Feature Film)
• Produced a Radio show called “The Craving”
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Movie Production