Hamid RB

Freelance Digital Artist & Website Designer

Location:Richmond, California, United States
2 Skills

* Creative designer with 15 years of experience in visual, web, UI design
* 3 years of Wordpress implementation, enhancements, theme configuration
* Rapid prototyping, mock-up, napkin to production work for 15 years
* Hands on experience of designing, branding & identity, banners, flyers, logos, collaterals
* Extensive HTML/ CSS development, configuration, optimization
* Product Management bridging management’s vision and developer’s implementation
* Ability to read, configure, optimize, utilize Javascript, Jquery
* LANGUAGES : Fluent in English, Italian, spoken Spanish; Basic French, German, Portuguese; Persian


Web: Wordpress, Wordpress Theme Configuration, Knowledge of Wordpress plugins, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSP, jquery, using Java scriptlets in JSP pages, browser compatibility, designing responsive sites, JSP-HTML integration, PSD to HTML/CSS conversion Forms, 3D Graphics, Cold Fusion, Debugging HTML/CSS with firebug, Action Script
Software Programs: Photoshop, Imageready, Dreamweaver, Homesite, Illustrator, Flash, LiveMotion, InDesign, IBM Eclipse, MS Visual SourceSafe, Fireworks, Frontpage, Corel Draw, MS Office, Visio, Swish, ; Director, Plasma, Swift 3d, Poser, 3ds Max
Platforms: Windows, DOS, Macintosh, UNIX, using google docs
Other: Silverpop Email delivery, email template design, email rendering compatibility cross platform, Work on Tableless design through use of CSS, Familiarity with dynamic, database-enabled web page visual interface design and maintenance, User Interface Design, Extensive use of Server Side Includes, use of Regular expression for global change and replace, web 2.0 design ideas and perspective, understanding interactivity through using script frameworks such as Jquery, and YUI/Prototype/Scriptaculous, Understanding HTML5/CSS3, Semantic Web Design, Understanding IPad, IPhone design principals


HRB Web Design
Web, Graphic, UI Design, HTML, CSS 10/2009 - Current

Lending Club, San Francisco (LendingClub.com)
Email Template Production
* Created 60 different emails for the lenders and investors in Strong Mail
* Optimized emails for perfect rendering across multiple browsers, and web mail clients
* Created easy to use templates which can be maintained with ease
Pijyn, San Francisco
Graphic Design, Interface Design, HTML, CSS,
* Web, Concept, Graphic, Interface, Design, Branding of Pijyn site
* HTML, CSS, Rapid Prototyping of the site according to specs
* Transformed the founder’s idea into a visually appealing design and code in a very short period of time
MVS, Singapore (Telecommuting for a stealth social media site)
Graphic Design, Interface Design, HTML, CSS, Product Management Consultant
* Web, Concept, Graphic, Interface, Logo Design, Branding of the MVS site
* HTML, CSS, Rapid Prototyping of the site according to specs
* Gave frequent and detailed progress reports in weekly meetings with management
* Interfaced with the management and the developers to ensure timely, and precise delivery of the project goals

Vinfolio, San Francisco, CA (vinfolio.com)
Web Marketing Associate 5/08 – 9/09
* Was in charge of building, designing, on time delivery of several email newsletters using Silverpop platform
* In tandem with engineering created templates and processes which cut down the time and complexity of email offer construction to a fraction of what they were originally.
* Ensured proper rendering in all platforms and environments: Outlook, webmail on pc and laptop by doing extensive analysis and trouble shooting
* Helped maintain the website, by creating promos, doing daily maintenance, and creating new product and service pages, using jsp, struts and the company CMS tool

Joy of Creativity 3/05 - 5/08
San Francisco, CA

Yoga Journal, San Francisco, CA (yogajournal.com)
Marketing Assistant
* Was in charge of entry, coordination, on time delivery of 6 email newsletters using CMS, Lyris Newsletter manager, Google docs
* Worked closely with various sales people, creative designers to ensure time and resources for each newsletter was managed properly
* Helped streamline the way the cross media export of the print material to HTML took place to save the company time and money
AAA e-Business, San Francisco, CA (csaa.com)
Front End, HTML/CSS
* Worked on CSS design, Design of the sitelets and internal projects.
* Troubleshoot print, and email popup issues for Google maps implementation
* Worked with interaction designers and project managers to create new HTML/CSS for new and existing projects
Booknolia, Redwood City, CA (booknolia.com)
Front End, UI Design, HTML/CSS, Graphic Design
* Worked on tableless CSS design, Web 2.0 Design of the site.
* Revamp the look and feel of the site by implementing a new top nav design, helped streamline HTML/CSS by creating consistent, site wide CSS HTML changes
* Made valid semantic tableless cross browser HTML markup, fixed the HTML/CSS issues found by QA
Front End, UI Design, HTML/CSS
* Implemented CSS/HTML pages in a TT2 framework.
* Made Javascript and Jquery scripts to enhance the usability and interaction of the site
* Created multiple UI designs, implementations, assessment of several approaches to best address the site’s particular needs.
CNET Networks, San Francisco CA (cnet.com)
Web Designer, Developer.
* Worked on the tips submission area of the site, implementing advanced handcoding cross browser HTML fixes, CSS enhancements while working in a very complex JSP struts framework involving sophisticated Dynamic pages composed of many different templates and contents sourced across many different servers
* Semantic and strict HTML/CSS implementation of upload.com Pay-per-Download Manage Bids area design mockups. working with flat pages, and pure HTML/CSS layout using no tables. Also had to troubleshoot various cross browser CSS incompatibility issues
* Designed visually appealing graphical mockups and implemented them in Layout CSS/HTML of various other sections of upload.com Pay-per-Download area.
Emprend, Redwood City, CA (projectconnections.com)
HTML/CSS page creation and editing; website page design, layout
* Created multiple mockups for various pages to enhance the visual appeal and ease of use
* Created pure CSS as well as CSS + Tables solutions for navigation, layout tables, curved corners and various other web graphic elements
* Created and enhanced icons, branding graphics, visual elements
MediaZone, Redwood City, CA (mediazone.com)
Web Developer
* Built HTML mockups and web graphic elements for various campaigns
* Created fresh look and feels and designs for various program sitelets
* Worked to redesign and improve the existing homepage
Infinite Library, San Francisco, CA
Web Designer, JSP developer
* Created a fresh look and feel, redesigned logo, created customized graphics
* Integrated HTML with JSP and JavaScript in the Eclipse environment
* Developed in JSP, creating functionality and customizing the existing pages

Affymetrix, Emeryville, CA (affymetrix.com)
Intranet Content Developer 11/02 -3/03
* Completely researched, proposed, implemented Intranet infrastructure change using Server Side Include technology
* Teach several non technical users how to use Photoshop, Dreamweaver
* Made various significant aesthetic changes to the Intranet site

Schools Online, San Jose, CA (schoolsonline.org)
Web Designer, Project Manager 1/ 01 – 11/ 02
* Built and redesigned the whole site from the ground up
* Created site architecture and navigation interface by creating a consistent, easy-to-use and crisp look and feel
* Managed, researched, coordinated and presented several web projects, marketing print campaigns, office documents and stationery

Rebound International, San Francisco, CA
Web Designer 7/00 – 1/01
* Completely overhauled and redesigned the site home page with both visual and functional enhancements
* Created a fresh look and feel for the home page and other pages by creating new icons, images, animated graphics
* Created as well as customized javascript scripts in order to make cross-browser, cross-resolution pages with enhanced functionality such as drop down navigational menus

Hollywood Stock Exchange (HSX.com), Santa Monica, CA
Web Designer, Graphic Designer, HTML 9/ 99 – 7/ 00
* Worked as sales HTML coder, graphic designer
* Created several campaigns from start to finish, including concept and mockup design, graphic design, HTML implementation
* Completed numerous successful sales campaigns in the allocated time for high profile clients including: Miramax, IBM, Sony, New Line Cinema


Honours Bachelor of Science, Human-Computer Interaction, University of Toronto
Web mastering, Digital Media Studios


Aikido Black Belt, Improv theater
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