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Freelance Comic Artist & Cartoonist

Location:Orlando, Florida, United States
Phone: 772-215-7246
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Hey There! I'm Dan Jones if you haven't already guessed! I am a freelance artist, currently living in Orlando. I studied at the University of Central Florida, and majored in Digital Media: Visual Language. My focus in school was in Computer Animation, though I noticed I really got attached to concept art, illustrating, creating comics, and graphic design. During the production of my Senior Film titled "Mustache Mayhem" I served as the Art Director on a team of 16 other students, over the course of 2 years. Which covered creating a style for the film, a color palette, and making sure the models/textures/lighting matched the style.

Outside of school I have been working directly with clients for about 6 years creating and working with illustrations, animation, logos, comics, short stories, infographics, storyboards, graphic design, game art assets, data articles, and even started to branch into video editing. I currently have several personal projects I work in my spare time, which include a few webcomics, short stories, as well as a Youtube Video Channel!
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Comic Art