Claire Wortley

Freelance Graphic Designer & Icon Designer

Location:Huddersfield, Kirklees, United Kingdom
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I have been doing graphics work as a hobby since I was fourteen years old and it is my ambition to expand it into something more professional. I enjoy experimenting with various software, I am self taught in: Paint Shop Pro 9, Adobe Fireworks, GIMP, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Most people stick to a style they prefer while creating a piece, where as I think about the subject of the piece of work created and match a style to it which the requester will sure to enjoy.

I am one for beating expectations. I always make it my goal to produce something better than the requester has requested. I always put 100% into my work, if the requester shouldn't be satisfied with the outcome they will always get the request remade. I really don't believe in doing 'half a job', if something has to be done then its got to be done correct, no matter how hard the task.

I want people to recognize me for the graphics I have created, I would love people to come to me to make graphics for there company as I feel I can produce the best work they will ever have to help promote there company. If people want to learn how to do certain things I will always give a helping hand and teach them what they need to know. When learning Photoshop I had a tough time at first, I almost gave up because I had no help, I don't want that to happen for people who are thinking of taking up graphics, I want them to know that I can help them.

Most of graphics shown here are requests are personal things made. You will see various techniques which I am capable of through these pieces. I am more than willing to step up the gear and work to a more professional style if required to prove my worth - feel free to ask
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