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Location:Fresno, California, United States
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I have a passion for writting, mainly about ways to keep the home happy or animal care and tips, however, I do love a good challange.
In 2007 after moving back to the states, (My exhusband was a MI Supply Sargent in the U.S Army for 3 years in Germany), I enrolled my self into college to become a veterinary technician. Shortly after begining my studdies, I landed a job as a veterinary assistant at a small counrty veterinary hospital in a small town. After 2 years of hard work, I got promoted and given the choice to be full time in the back or front office. Honestly I love cliet communication and the clients appreciated how I explained procedures and knowledgeable advice so I chose to work front office. My employment and loyality stayed with this hospital for 4 years , that is in till I descided to go out and experience another job opportunity in our wondeful government system. I became a tax examiner clerk for in the IRS. Honestly not what I expected. I only worked one season there withthe intentions of never going back down that road again.
During my year of unemployment (8 months exactly) I invested some money and time into a program that was suppose to give me expierence in running a website and pull in some extrea cash for my family. I worked hard on it and yet i saw only $10 in my account through this system and never got to get it out since the min balance to with draw was $25. My website was mainly articles on traveling with pets and eventually turned into an advice site for moms on spending quality time with the kids and alone time with herhusband. I also had recipies that were fun for the kids and arts and crafst projects that can be made from our everyday house hold objects.
It was time for me to take on a part time job to help bring in some money so I walked into a small animal hospital one day and was hired the next day. I learned quickly i needed to brush up on my skills but happy my restraint skills were still there.
I left my day job as a fileclerk/ backup recertionist at the animal hospital to take care of my elderly great aunt who has dementia. Im only taking care of her for 30hrs a week so I have time to do research and write fun little articles and flyers about animal health to pass out at dog shows.
Writting for me is more than putting words on a blank sheet of paper, its a way I can keep my mind active and express my self in my writting. It is important for us as human beings to learn new things so we exercise out minds with critical thinking skills we learned long ago in elementy school but push aside sometimes as adults. I can typ a few samples of articles or informative information if requested.
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