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Hello, my name is Samyueru. I live in London, I was born in 1994, and I am a business man working for a multimillion pound company owned by my uncle. However, although I love business, one of my main purposes for striving after money in the world of business is to reach a position where I can follow my passion; to express who I am, what I feel in life, and what I know about life through writing. I am not Japanese, but I tend to think and write in a creative, off the wall, and seemingly Japanese fassion, and yet mix in more moderated culture and humour to my style, making it less bias. I am very confident in my writing skills, despite my lack of professional writing works.

My favourite anime would be Naruto, Death Note, and K Project respectively. This gives you an idea of what style of writing I have, for like anyone else, I write stories better if the style is to my taste. To give a further description of my style, philosophy is another great passion of mine and so I can add deep morals to stories with ease. I am very good at fight scenes and powers, creative with character backgrounds, and excel with strategic story lines. However due to my age, I am limited with knowledge of how certain things work, such as government procedures etc. I am happy to write a short free "test script" to anyone who wants an example of my writing style and capabilities.

Regarding charge, it depends highly on the particular case and the story. I would rather negotiate this with individuals, but I care more for using the story as a way of proving my skill to future writing employers than I do being payed a lot for money isn't so much an issue for me. On the side, I have a good grasp for English and would be happy to proofread! Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope to hear from you soon.
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