Tom Hamilton

Freelance Writer & Editor

Location:Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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It would be easy to judge me as junior, as I have never attempted to do writing as a means to earn money. Hence my resume is filled with accomplishments that at first, do not appear related to writing. Nonetheless, I am an excellent writer, having mentored many and assisted them in attaining their goals - be it in academia or professionally. Perhaps you should ask me to write something small for free, in order for you to judge for yourself.

My background is varied. I hold a B Sc in Math and Computer Science, which did not prepare me for writing! However, I joined the Canadian Forces, and as an Officer, and in particular under my own mentor, I learned to write excellent, and in particular concise, reports. I have also attained my Masters in Business Administration, which gave me many additional opportunities to improve my writing skill. Most recently, I have become a mentor myself and have further honed my writing skills by helping friends with university level assignments as well as professional correspondence, including reports that are sent to excecutives and letters sent to government officials.
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