Rana AlDarraji

Freelance Arabic Translator & Personal Assistant

Location:Rockville, Maryland, United States
2 Skills
Seek the Challenging Position of Translator

A highly talented Translator with huge experience in translating documents and other materials from Arabic to English ; deep track record of reading materials and rewriting them in either English or Arabic, following established rules pertaining to factors such as word meanings, sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, and mechanics.

Summary of Qualifications

More than 2 years of Translating English/Arabic document experience.
Extensive knowledge of vocabulary in both languages.
Extremely high level of fluency in Arabic as well as command of English.
Ability to edit and review other translations.
Remarkable interpreting skills.
Excellent computer/word-processing skills.
Uncommon ability to work independently to solve problems while demonstrating good organizational skills.
Great attention to detail with excellent work ethic.
Unmatchable willingness and skills in research activities.
Excellent interpersonal skills, and ability to work in a team environment.

Professional Experience

BMS Company - (2011-now)
• Translating emails and paperwork from English to Arabic ,and from Arabic to English.
• Answering phone calls in both languages.
• Keep everything organized

* I have experience in medical translating (3rd year pharmacology school in Amman-Jordan)