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Artist. Ronald CADET
Address: 171-48 107th Ave, 1Floor, Jamaica Ave. 11433 Queens New York.
116-27 223 Cambia Height 11411 Queens New York.
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Nif : 006-539-816-9
Nationality : Haitian
CIN : 01-03-99-1979-12-00164
Marital Status : Married
Passport : PP2089059


I Spent twelve (12) years of working in different organisms, Art Gallery, Cultural associations, Cultural ONG. my profession to practice with others as a collaborator and Providing training sessions and seminars as Head of Projects Cultural Organizations (Artistic More Specials "Special Arts More» Fine Art Production Vidho Lorville New York), World Vision Haiti (ONG), IOM / ME in the Dominican Republic, USAID HAITI, OXFAM Haiti Give in sessions of training on Painting, Sculpture and Ceramic Qualify as a Trainer and Graphic designer for advertising operation of administration, work in Galleries arts as sellers of Works of Art and Art History Explainer. Effective five (5) years of study at National School of Arts (ENARTS) Here I pick my Diploma in Fine Arts and Two (2) licensed the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (Republic Dominican) in Cultural Management Administration, Head and reception services in the HILTON Hotel in the Dominican Republic.

1999-2001: Project Manager and Member of the protection of children by UNICEF Haiti
2001-2003: Head of Management, Human Resources at the National Palace.
2003-2004: Head of Public Relations Committee of the Expo National School of Arts (ENARTS)
2004-2005: Head of Public Relations of the Association of Artists for the Development of Arts
And Culture (AADAC)
2005-2006: Director Salle of Installation Works of Art Gallery “El Maestro de las Obras de Arte
Pinturas ’’ In the Republican Dominican.
2006-2007 Responsible for Cleaning Room Night at the Hotel in Boca Chica Hulton
Dominican Republic
2006-2009: Director of Photographers Director Salle and Manager of Works of Art the
Gallery Mornin (Haiti)
2007-2008: Director of Public Relations and Cultural Leader of the French Alliance in Jacmel, Haiti.
2007-2010: Director of Installation Works Head and Packaging of Marassa Art Gallery (Haiti)
2006-2010: Coordinator Adj. and Director of Photographers More Artistic Promotion
2010-2011: Coordinator Production and Director of Photographers Vidho Lorville Fine Art in
New York City
2010-2011: CEO and Head of Projects Ron’ Arts Ceramic Creations Haiti, in New York City.
2011-2012; Where House Worker past picker. 3rd Bronx New York.

Organize and Participate in Cultural Events 2001-2012.

From 10 to 27 May 1998: Second Contest Winner Drawing Bird College with Mr. Frantz Jacob.
(Prof. Designer)
From 5 to 29 June 1999: First Winner Contest Painting (Portrait) with René Descartes College
Dr. Louis Zamord (Prof. Animator and Designer, Painter and Sculptor.)
February 14, 2001: Exhibition of Works of Arts National School of Arts (ENARTS) on the theme (Canadian Valentin.)
From 10 February 2002: Exhibition of the Works Painting staff at the Cultural Center Brazil-Haiti
From 8 to 18 November 2003: Personal exhibition at Alliance French Du Cap-Haïtien.
On November 18, December 19, 2004: Exhibition of paintings (ARTS AND FREEDOM)
At the August 16, 2005: Exhibition of paintings at the Hotel des Cayes Cayenne
19 April 2006: Exhibition of Works arts festival in the south (GELLÉE) in Cayes
Of 2 May 2006: Exhibition of Recovery USAID Petion-ville (ATA)
15 July 2006: Exhibition, Conference and Debate on the theme "Voodoo and Society" with the participation Of the Painter Franz Zéphirin.
From 9 to 14 February 2007: Session and Exhibition at French Alliance des Cayes
Du24 June to 24 July 2007: Training Session and Exhibition at French Alliance des Cayes
04 In the April 13, 2008: Exhibition of paintings at Cafe des Artistes (Club Painter Frantz Zéphirin)
From 28 to 30 December 2008 Personal exhibition at Artist Café (Club Frantz Zéphirin)
03 On April 14, 2009: Exhibition of Works On Arts at the French Institute D'Haiti.
From 4 to 13 July 2009: Exhibition of Works of Arts in Cultural Center of the Brazil-Haiti (Harmony of Ars)
From 7 to 12 April 2010: Exhibition and Conference Ecole Nationale des Arts (ENARTS) in memory
Victims of 12 January 2010 on the theme (Expo 7.3)
From 10 to 30 December 2010: Exhibition of Works of Arts Village Arts Léopold Senghor Seda On the Occasion of the 3rd Edition of Negro Arts Festival World At (SENEGAL). With a Haitian delegation, coordination by Chantale Drice and Mr. Darling Pierigot.
From 1 to 28 February 2011: Exhibition of Works of Arts Festival History Month Blacks in Montreal (Montreal, Canada)
From 15 to 20 March 2011: Exhibition of Arts Art Gallery Culture Fix a (New York) with Vidho Lorville Fine Arts Production of New York.
From April 24 to 13 Ma 2011: Exhibition of Plastic Arts Union has Seminay Theologcal, San James
Chapel Art Gallery in New York.
From 8 to 12 November 2011: Exhibition of Paintings in Miami Florida in Collaboration with the Organization Restavek FreeDom to come Helps Domestic small children.
March 30 at 1 April 2012: Exhibition and Craft Fair At Night Club Lambi, Lambi Kilometer Zero.
May 19 at July 27, 2012; Tour Exhibition of Works of Art in New York. Manhattan, Brooklyn Museum, NY Spring Valley, Nyack.
From 8 to 15 February 2013. Exhibition of Works of Arts in History Month Blacks in Canada Library Champigny. 1465, rue Félix-Antoine Savard, Québec (Quebec), G2G 1Z2 at Promo’Arts Plus.


1985-1993: Inter College Home, Port-au-Prince Haiti


1994-2001: Institution-College Vision Continental Rena Descartes.


2001-2006: National Art School (ENARTS) In Fine Art
Painter, sculptor, Ceramist, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Calligraphist,
Knowledge in the History of Art,
2008-2010: Autonomous University of Santo Domingo Dominican Republic in Cultural Management
2010-2011: Alliance Computer Cyber Centre in Bureaucrat and Graphic Designer
(Degreed in Microsoft Office, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excellent,
Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw X3


International Training on the autonomy of the work of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Centre D'jobs and resources.
From 13 to 22 February 2001, Training on the Protection of human rights, support the USAID program in February 2006
Management Training Affairs at the University of UNASMO. From 4 to 28 April 2007
Training on Human Right at the University of Notre Dame in Port-au-Prince, Haiti on 23 31Avril 2008.
Responsibility training on Human Resources at the University of Notre Dame from 16 to 27 July 2008.
Cultural Training Administration at the University of AUSD (Dominican Republic). From November 12 to December 22, 2009.
Training on the Law of the Ministry of Commerce Shops in February 2010. .
Banking Security training, the theme 'Securing transportation money has the company PPS By the financial organization UNICEF. From 23 April to 13 Mai.2010
Training on Customization of a School Management Cultural Arts National (ENARTS)
From 10 June 2010. Training on evacuation and protection of lives to the company PPS 10 to 31 August 2010
Training on Business Management of NGOs in Nassau (Bahamas) October 12, 2010.
Training on Labour Administration in New York City on December 20 to 28, 2011
Methodology training and NGO Affairs in New York City from January 12 to 17, 2011.
Training on different types of labor affairs Hotel Montana, Port-au-Prince Haiti.
Training center Resources Uses of Latter-day Saints from March 23 to 29, 2011.
Training and retraining sculpture USAID May 2, 2011. Training on Environmental Protection and Management of Ecology (Soil Conservation Plant Propagation Compost recycling of paper). From 10 to 19 May 2011. Management Training Affairs at the University of UNASMO.
From 4 to 28 April 2011. Cultural Training Administration at the University of AUSD (Dominican Republic). June 12 AU22 July 2011. Training on Copyright Museum of Art College Saint-Pierre with the participation of M. Philippe Lerboux. Du 10 to 30 September 2011.
Management training at the Museum of Cultural Art College Saint-Pierre with the participation of Philippe Lerboux. From November 18th to December 2011.


Langage English French Haïtien
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Ronald Cadet painter, sculptor, ceramicist, designer, architect and cultural administrator. Born in Port-au-Prince December 22, 1979 at the University Hospital of Haiti state. He was the fifth child in the middle of nine children of these parents. Father Fritz Cadet, was a painter and musician, his mother Jeanne Pierre was couture use and incipient. He had eleven brothers and sisters dimensions of his father and mother. Cadet draw at the age of nine (9) years on the influence of his aunt Chantal Pierre, who was an artist to do these studies primary inter college Wagon 1988-1996, he do these school to the institution and the Continental Vision College René Descartes 1996-200. It becomes Architect at age 21, he learned the study or the National Institution of Professional Training Delmas From 1998-2001. After the school he goes to National School of Arts ENARTS, or he does the studies in Fine Arts, he followed seminars on relevant Cultural Administration at the University of UASD Dominican Republic in 2009. Cadet participates in various exhibitions and cultural events 2001-2011 amounts Haiti and abroad

TELEPHONE: (646) 837-2063 / 646 620-7667
TELEPHONE: (718) 712-5342
TEL: (347)636-0772
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