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Thomas Nicholson
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To secure a new career that will allow me to use the experience and skills I have learned while serving in the U.S. Army.
Field Artillery, U.S. Army, Fort Lewis, WA — 2007-2010
My official job title was “Cannon Crew Member”. When I did work my official job, I was a member of a team that loaded and fired howitzers. Though, we mainly did maintenance and office work. After it became apparent that I was unable to perform my duties in field artillery, due to medical reasons, and unable to deploy anymore, I was assigned to support in the office. I finished my military career, supervising soldiers under me, and making sure certain task were done.
Truck Driver, U.S. Army Reserves, Iraq — 2006
While I supported Operation Iraqi Freedom, my main role was as a truck driver, delivering fuel to various bases through Northern Iraq. For a couple months, I manned a lookout tower at the base I was stationed at, helping provided security.
Truck Driver, U.S. Army Reserves, Tampa, FL — 2004-2007
In my time serving in the U.S. Army Reserves in Florida, I trained one weekend a month and two weeks a year. My training was to prepare for logistic support of combat operations in either Iraq or Afghanistan.
Truck Driver, U.S. Army, Fort Campbell, KY — 1995-2001
I served in the active army for roughly six years. My main job was as a truck driver, but my duties often went beyond that. Before leaving the service, I was in charge of the tool room for our maintenance platoon, was responsible for overseeing the usage and control of our hazardous material, as well as being the Environmental Quality Officer. In the tool room, I was responsible for over one million dollars worth of tools and equipment. I used computer programs, as well as paper logs, to keep track of the inventory, schedule repairs and calibrations, and order new things when needed. As the Environmental Quality Officer, I worked with my company to ensure that all appropriate county, state, and federal laws were observed dealing with the environment, including regulations set forth by O.S.H.A.
Combat Engineer, Oregon National Guard, Dallas, OR — 1992-1995
As a combat engineer, I was trained to support combat units, mainly by defending them. I was taught how to use a variety of tools and weapons to help defend combat operations. Looking at a situation, calculating the enemies actions, and using such information to help our objective were some skills I was taught while serving in the National Guard.
Chemketa Community College, Salem, OR — GED, 1992

I have over ten years of truck driving experience, and have my CDL A. I have moderate skills with Windows programs such as Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. I am rather good at composing, performing, and recording music. I enjoy writing papers and poetry. Photography, both in still pictures and video, is a hobby of mine, in which I find great joy in. Working with my church, helping them out in any way I can, especially in the youth ministry, is a great passion of mine.
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