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Chris Barwick

Freelance Caricature Artist & T-Shirt Designer

Location:sydney, New South Wales, Australia
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I like to be called Chris the Artist. I am a painter and I consider my work to be social commentary art. I do not know what exact genre I belong to as I recently had a show where one of the proffesors from cofa university asked me what Genre I belong to. I told her some say outsider some say nieve and contemporary. She said I think your work is so unique that is a new genre. Hey thats pretty good comming from a proffesor of art. I do a lot of story telling in my work I paint my life and events around me. I can be very padantic with my choice of colours becouse I use them to tell a story. for example red is a warning colour so I have to consider the best colour for its job and colour composition. that is the tricky part. My work is offten funny with a seriouse message. offten dank yet full of colour sad yet happy. If you want a truely unique artist then it might be me you want. if you want a painting that looks like a photo I am your last choice.. So as I am the only artist in the world that paints like me and ive never had a lesson. there is no one to compare me to. which makes filling in the boxes below difficult
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Caricature Art
T-Shirt Design