Toma Joksaite

Freelance Illustrator & Book Cover Designer

Location:Coventry, United Kingdom
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I was born and raised In Lithuania and I have been drawing ever since I was a little girl. I started to take art more seriously after graduating Fine Art school back at home and only then I realised that I want to dedicate my life to art. Therefore I came to England to study and fulfil my dream by becoming a freelance illustrator.
My illustrations suggest that I am influenced by art nouveau and old gothic style and I am not denying it, some influences do come from that period of time. I have always admired overly detailed, elegant, realistic illustrations. My inspiration usually comes from photography, fashion trends, modelling, nature, fantasy, animals and mythology. But I still feel very inspired by engraving and etching techniques as well as old masters like Leonardo Da Vinci, Albrecht Dürer, Arthur Rackham, Salvador Dali, N.C. Wyeth, Edmund Dulac, Lucas Cranach and the 20th century when art made a little more sense.
I always preferred working with traditional media over digital. I feel very confident and comfortable when drawing with fine line pens, markers pencils and water colours, but I do not mind using Photoshop every now and then. Usually my chosen palette contains only one or a few colours which make my illustrations quite editorial. Through gentle, delicate and highly detailed drawings I am able to express myself, capture the moment, the nature and everything that inspires me…
It is pretty clear that I like to draw forest life, especially trees and flowers. Nature in general is one of my major topics and it is something that I enjoy drawing as well as believe in. By capturing the smallest details using thin, thick, bold line work I am trying to show that there is more to this world, that there is always something beautiful hidden in it and it is our purpose to find it.
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Book Cover Design