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Bernard Bale

Freelance Biography Writer & Book Writer

Location:York, United Kingdom
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I am a very experienced award-winning writer/journalist/author/broadcaster/speaker/PR and marketing consultant looking for something else to do as I still have a few hours spare in each 24.
I have a million contacts and can write anything about anything or anyone - you name it. i have done everything except be a front line warf correspondewnt. To date I have had 21 books published and more to come. I have had my own BBC Radio shows and also worked on TV, stage etc.

If you need a car repairing or a shelf constructing, I am useless!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope to hear from you.

Yes, I am English. Yes, I live in England but there are options - a) communication is not a problem or b) encourage me to move. I have a very English accent and a great face for radio.
Thanks for your time

Bernard Bale

Introducing Bernard Bale

Bernard Bale is an East Londoner, born when the capital was still seriously scarred by the ravages of World War Two but the people of the area were still partying to celebrate the end of the conflict and the start of a new life of peace. He grew up to carve a career as a writer and has been a wordsmith ever since. It has gone something like this -

1962-65 - Daily Express in Fleet Street, chiefly news and sports journalist.

1965-66 - Soccer Star, World Soccer, Speedway Star, Angler`s Mail as writer/sub editor.

1966-68 - Sports and entertainments editor – Herald Group in South West London, North Surrey and West Middlesex. At 19 he was the youngest ever appointed to such a position.

1968-73 - Mirror Group as writer/sub with Goal Magazine, People and Sunday Mirror. Sport, features and investigative journalism. Also editor of Action Soccer.

1973-75 - London Transport Press Office – Deputy Editor

1975 - Freelance: IPC – editorial consultant to Soccerstars 9 years as well as various other sports titles.

IPC - regular contributor to various magazines. PR consultant to various businesses.

Commerce newspaper - editor

Nick Price`s Guide To World Golf - editor

Sunday Post, My Weekly, Animals & You, Topical Times, Weekly News, Women`s Weekly, Woman’s Own,Golf Weekly, Yorkshire Post etc etc - regular contributor.

BBC Radio Lincolnshire - own successful shows in both sport and entertainment. Most recent show is “That’s Entertainment”.

Noel Edmonds TV Show - consultant and appearances

1999 Appointed Senior Reporter/Features Editor of Boston Standard.

Appointed editor of Sleaford Standard, Grantham Trader, Newark Trader in March 2000 with a special brief to relaunch and launch new papers. This was shelved after take-over and returned to freelance writing and broadcasting as above including features, news and columns in Lincolnshire Echo and Target series and regular features in Sunday Post and other DC Thomson publications, IPC and so on. Live radio show with BBC.

2002 Sought and appointed senior feature writer and columnist with Press and Journal, Scotland’s most established daily paper.

2003 Writer of the Year Award.

2005 Oct - returned to freelance work including features, books, scripts etc.

2007 July – appointed Group Editor at Waltons Publications while continuing with freelance writing and PR, marketing consultancy work.

2008 December – because of demand of work, returned to full freelance activities including regular monthly contributions to Lincolnshire Life magazine and other magazines, newspapers and online publications as well as PR and marketing and event management from press and corporate conferences to concerts and family fun days.


Bernard Bale has worked in every sphere of journalism and written about all subjects from crime to politics to show business to all sports to wildlife to history, health, finance, travel, human interest – you name it; plus investigations including the legendary Profumo affair.

He has also been involved in lecturing and coaching media students in all elements of journalism, PR and communications.

Books published:

The Shankly Legacy (Breedon)
Cos I`m A Fool – Norman Wisdom (Breedon)
In His Own Words – Max Bygraves (Breedon)
Villa In The Blood (Breedon)
Scottish Soccer Heroes – Billy Bremner (Breedon)
Harry`s Game – Dave Bassett (Breedon) & paperback
Craig Brown (Virgin)
Bremner! (Andre Deutsch)
Lawman – Denis Law (Andre Deutsch)
Jon Pertwee biography (Andre Deutsch)
My Name`s Gregg – Harry Gregg (Andre Deutsch)
25 Years of Olympia Show Jumping (JMP)
What Every Soccer Dad Should Teach His Son (or Daughter) – Ian St. John (JMP)
Aberdeen & NE at War (Black and White)
The Fergie Legacy (Mainstream)
Life in the Lincolnshire Fishing Industry (Countryside Books)
Is It Me? (Beeline)
Soccerstars Annuals 1993-1999 (IPC)
Shoot Annuals 1993 to 2001 (IPC)
Five more in the pipeline


Particular skills

* In decades of writing etc, never once accused of misquoting.
* Ability to be part of or lead a team.
* Coaching of the less experienced.
* Excellent people skills
* Innovative thinking outside the box.
* Self motivating and great ability to motivate others
* Communication skills whether on one-to-one or groups large and small.
* Ability to find stories in a desert
* Vast contacts in many different fields including show business, visitor attractions, sports and business.
* Huge experience in PR, marketing, customer relations with a flair for the unusual.

Personal details

* Long term married with son and daughter.
* Youthful outlook - son 15, daughter 12.
* Interests include: Sports, music, wildife.
* Can still kick a mean football, ride horses and so on.
* Past triumphs include football trophies, stock car racing trophies, ice hockey trophies
* Useless at DIY.
* Played drums with some well-known stars
* Regularly present talks on several different subjects and hosted events including concerts at the Royal Albert Hall.
* Health? Would love some - just joking. I'm in reasonably good condition and usually considered to be younger than my years in both looks and outlook.

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Biography Writing
Book Writing