Ben Badger

Freelance Video Producer & Animator

Location:Markham, Ontario, Canada
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Hi I'm Ben Badger, Editor, Storyteller, Creator.

I have been in the post-production business for over 10 years and I have a great deal of experience in commercial workflow and the corporate-video world.

I've worked for commercial agencies, communication companies, production houses, post houses, my house, your house, wherever!
But that all sounds very standard and boring doesn't it? I strive to keep my life interesting, and I like to be creative and enthusiastic with my clients and the other partners I work with. I think that's such an important aspect of work and life.

I work quickly to get the best product I can to my clients, but more importantly I like to make a personal impression. I like when I get to know people and when they get to know me!
To that end, my producer (/wife) and I have started a YouTube channel so you can get to know us better! This is also a good way to see what kind things we like and what we're up to.

We offer a number of services and here are some links to my reels!

Video Editing - see our editing reel here:
Graphics (After Effects) - see our graphics reel here:

Creative Writing, Development & Production - see our full production reel here:
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