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I am a beginner writer in the UK, working on a beautiful story idea. As an aspiring actor myself, I would love to bring this story to life, which I have now been able to do with much support with an amazing producer here in the UK. I am very confident this short film/ project will work,now that it is in the production process.

As I needed to fund myself - which is absolutely fine - as I can put more of my own passion /thoughts into something special to me. Production is on going right now. Please remember the short script is now edited and formatted!
Locations have been investigated , The history have been researched online proficiently and on going for a feature if taken seriously later.The project will be something very special to share with you all, importance of this story told. I have done a lot of researching info, gathered up over several months, again still ongoing but glad the short script has been finally formatted!

I would love to turn this into a feature eventually. Which I have been working on open up the two main characters and more characters introduced later on.

I have attended writers meet ups, which went very well. Connecting me with talented new writers. I have met Tony Klinger at a writers meet, advising us writers of how to progress a story into a script yourself, and how it works so well.

I have finished finally formatted into a short story - script. There is so much to I have implement into this inspirational story- especially leaving scope for a feature . This story has never been told this way before,- through the eyes of one of the main characters.Plus based on/around true events adding some fiction - meaningful and beautifully told . There will be much interesting elements to bring in, special effects / strong feel and a spiritual awareness with strong characters - progressing into a feature - if I can get made after the short has been put out.

I have also been looking at costumes for the actors.There will be particular fantasy character/ witty,so much character it will have. The designing, drawings idea's of how this character will work in scenes will be absolutely amazing. "Think Hummingbirds"

I have made contact with 2 amazing artists on here. I feel everyone deserves an opportunity here when promoting ones work and creative impressive skills. Appreciate I have been away but please understand I also had a recent loss in my family - very close to me.

My Focus Point :

I do have amazing contacts, building on twitter of support,as my contacts are aware of my production right now,but the nature of the story there is something very special about this project/story.Hope you will admire my creative works once out there.

A lot of work has gone into this project over the last few years by myself and till recent.

Filming would be taking place in the UK short film officially taking place now.

If I have repeated myself in any way please forgive as I am exhausted- still working - overtime here, enjoying working through the production stages.

Let's make this happen!
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