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Michael Martabano

Freelance Drawer & Tattoo Designer

Location:Bedford Hills, New York, United States
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I love to draw! I studied Visual Arts at Westchester Community College. I'm more of a black and white artist, but have the ability to draw in color. I use pen for the majority of my projects, but have the ability to draw in charcoal, pencil, and I can also paint. The only projects I have done for other people are tattoo related. I am in a band, called Xombie, located out of NYC, and I have recently completed a project for a few fans to draw them as zombies, or being chased by zombies. I have more of a cartoon like aspect to my drawings, but can also create real life proportions with no problem. I am open to any kinds of projects. Provide me with your ideas, and I will do my job and create you something fun and original.
I also attended college in Alfred State where I studied architecture. I add this because knowing proportions and the correct angles and depth can make a huge difference in your background of your piece. During my Visual Arts studies, I leaned the basics in Illustrator and photoshop, but I currently do not have access to those programs. If you could provide me with access to the program, I could complete work for you. Otherwise I am a hands on artist, working at my desk or my easel.
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Tattoo Design