Mona Sadek

Freelance Presentation Designer & Audio Editor

Location:London, United Kingdom
2 Skills
54 Winterleys
Albert Road

Mobile: 0773777122 or 07429012966

Dear Sir/Madam,

I write to enquire about the possibility of working with your company. Enclosed is my CV showing my
Postgraduate and other qualifications, training, work history, and linguistic skills.

My experience includes customer services, translation, interpreting, advocacy, and research. I offer
A high standard of work, reliability, good time keeping, integrity, an organised approach, effective
Planning, organising and prioritising of workloads to meet deadlines, am a team player; and a
Self-starter, used to communicating at a variety of levels.

As a freelance interpreter for solicitors, I was familiarised with British immigration law, EU law and
Human rights, handling changes in immigration /Asylum law by reading and attending the Immigration
Advisory Services training courses. Over two years part time I studied the first year of 2 in CPE Law,
And passed. As a sessional interpreter for Grip Languages, NHS, I supported staff in understanding
Different linguistic & cultural clients' needs and expectations, advising on religious, cultural beliefs
And values, which could have implications both for the services and clients’ backgrounds & home

In my MSc I studied the complexities creating and perpetuating conditions that produce immigrants,
Refugees, and internally displaced persons (IDPs), development issues, and gained theoretical
Knowledge, analytical skills for critical analysis, covering the relationship between development and
Underdevelopment; population displacement and the robustness of host governments’ refugee
Policies in developed and developing societies. I gained experience using information sources,
Choosing relevant sources, comparing and evaluating information, designing and executing research
Projects and research instruments independently, and identifying relevant theoretical frameworks &
Statistical tools. My studies covered gender, health, international business, research methods, images
Of development, globalisation, human rights and refugees, international refugee law, the refugee
Problem in developing societies, the asylum policy in the EU and member state with emphasis on the UK.
Working in reception at St Mary’s Hospital NHS Trust, involved careful handling of patients' problems
And concerns, responsibility for the smooth operation of reception, with a broad range of duties:
Welcoming visitors, arranging patient transport, booking appointments, answering calls, administration,
Quick response in emergencies and crash calls, working with minimal supervision. I offer strong
Interpersonal & communication skills, the ability to perform a variety of administrative tasks, a
Confident telephone manner and the capacity to juggle different tasks. My education and work
Experience has enabled me to understand and cope with cultural conflicts, and maintain strictest
Confidence. Keyboarding experience includes the Microsoft suite and Power Point.

Yours faithfully,

Mona M. Sadek (Mrs)