Freelance Embedded Systems Programmer & Flash Programmer

Location:Perth, Western Australia, Australia
2 Skills
Embedded Software Engineer
10+ years of experience, Bachelor’s Degree in Telecommunications
Strong knowledge of hardware platforms, embedded applications, communication protocols
Result-oriented accomplished IT professional with a solid track record in design and implementation of critical embedded applications. Proficient in C/C++, Assembler. Highly experienced in designing and implementation of network protocols. Possesses strong knowledge of different architectures of microprocessors (Microchip, TI, ARM, NXP, AVR, ST), multitasking and RTOS programming. Highly skilled in designing and adjustment of hardware. Extremely fast learner with excellent reverse-engineering skills, adept at moving into new environments. Highly motivated team player with good communication skills.
Qualification Highlights
Solutions Design & Development Technical Troubleshooting & Tuning Software Development Lifecycle
Architecture & Design TCP/IP,UDP, WiFi, BlueTooth,CAN Networking Specifications & Standards
SCADA, PLC software developing LCD/TFT screens, GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO Data Encryption/Decryption
Technical Expertise
Languages/Tools: C/C++, Assembler, Java, VHDL, MPLAB, IAR, Eclipse, P-CAD, Altium Designer, Orcad, MatLab, MathCad, InTouch
Operating Systems: FreeRTOS, OSA, PICos, Embedded Real-Time Linux
Network/Protocols: Socket UDP/TCP, ModBus, USB, RS-232, RS-485, CAN, IE-bus, ZigBee, BlueTooth, WiFi
Hardware: RF equipment, GSM and 2.4 GHZ modules, SCADA, Logic analyzers, Oscilloscopes, Protocol Analyzers
Embedded Platforms: Microchip, TI MSP430, AVR, ST, NXP
Professional Experience
Vega-Absolute – Novosibirsk, Russia (www.vega-absolute.ru, www.sobr.ru)
Auto electronics manufacturer
Embedded Software Engineer September 2004 – December 2012
Designed and implemented alarm/guard/security systems for vehicles, immobilizers, GSM-GPS-beacons, TV and FM tuners and other auto electronics. Most projects were made for SOBR company, information about them available on www.sobr.ru, www.sobr-a.ru and as own brends of Vega-Absolute company (www.vega-absolute.ru). Every project consisted from compiling electrical scheme, tracing electrical board, developing software for MCU and its debug. Designed full scope of documentation for projects. Designed and implemented automatic testing devices for produced samples. Taught Junior programmers for different platforms, RTOS. Configured and tested RF equipment, hardware.
- Developed and debugged software for immobilizers Sobr-Stigma 01, 02 (PIC microcontroller). Tested samples on a vehicle imitator.
- Designed and implemented a fully functional of Sobr Gsm 100, 110, 120, 130 car alarm systems. Compiled full documentation for that system, including for certification. (PIC, MSP430 microcontrollers)
- Designed and implemented hardware and embedded software of monitoring transport system for “Cobra Rus” company, full descriptions and documentation were made. (PIC microcontroller)
- Designed and implemented hardware and embedded software of the ARS 202, 203 systems of remote engine start for vehicles. (PIC, AVR microcontrollers)
- Designed and implemented alarm guard system for office Sobr DomOnline. (PIC, MSP430 microcontrollers)
- Designed and implemented smart immobilizer systems Sobr Stigma Mini and Sobr Stigma Guard. (PIC microcontroller)
- Designed and implemented alarm guard systems Sobr G-12, G-20 and GPS/GSM beacons Sobr Chip 01, 02, 03. (PIC18F66J15, MSP430, ST microcontrollers)
- Measured electrical signals, troubleshooting while test designed equipment on real vehicles.
- Taught Junior Engineers MCU programming, RTOS, hardware adjustment.
- Programming and configuring SCADA and PLC (WonderWare, InTouch).
- Developed software for eCall system ERA-GLONASS. (ST, NXP microcontroller)
- Fixed a number of critical bugs in embedded software developed by other developers before.
- Designed several encryption algorithms for wireless keys, data transfer protocols for monitoring and server systems.

Triada-TV – Novosibirsk, Russia (www.triadatv.ru)
TV/FM broadcast radio equipment manufacturer
Embedded Software Engineer November 2002 – September 2004
Designed software and hardware architecture for protection circuits of radiotransmitters. Using my knowledge of analogue and digital circuits I finished this project in a very short term with the excellent results.
- Achieved a very high measurement precision because of skilful usage of 16-bit Sigma-Delta ADC.
- Due to a reasonable choice of software and hardware architectures reliable work of the protection circuit and microcontroller among very high level of noise was reached.
- Designed and implemented data formats for storing into the flash memory and transferring to PC all statement history for the device.
Bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications Engineering
Novosibirsk State Technical University, Novosibirsk, Russia, 2004
Available upon request