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Jov Louw

Freelance Digital Artist & Video Producer

Location:Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
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Jonathan ( Jov) Louw

Brisbane, Australia 4061


I am a digital artist with more than 10 years experience in digital media. I have a vast knowledge of production pipelines from inception to completion with a good grounding in compositing, editing , videography , motion graphics and 3D animation.

My philosophy is motivated by challenging experiences, and I aspire to give people a visual journey of excitement and emotion, while being professional and improving at every moment. My Goal is to take every project and aspire to collaboratively make it exceptional. I am a committed team player and willingly share knowledge with peers, as well as demonstrating drive, commitment and dedication to succeed in any task or goal.


? Videography

- Post Production

? Compositing

? Editing

? Motion Graphics


? Sequence Planning
? Previz and timing
? Design & Layouts
? Modelling
? 3D Animation
? Simulation Animation
? Lighting
? HDRI setup
? Multi - Pass Rendering


• Mac / Windows
• Adobe CS5 / CS6 ( advanced )
• Nuke ( intermediate )
• Maya / 3ds Max ( advanced )
• Syntheyes ( intermediate )
/ Match Mover ( intermediate )
• Final Cut Pro / Avid ( advanced )


QUT 2012 – Graduation December 2012

Master of Creative Industries
– VFX / Animation

Grade : 6 Distinction

Key Study Area's

20:20 Vision – Imagining the Creative future
Advanced practice in animation & visual design Entrepreneurship in the creative economy
Major Project research & collaboration
Character development, conceptual design
& animation layout 2003 – 2005 CFAD

3 Year integrated Multimedia Diploma
( NQF 5 )

5 awards for excellence

Key Study Area's

Animation, Illustration, Graphic Design, Web Design, fine art.



Over the years I have had the opportunity to work collaboratively with leading brands such as Subaru, Jeep, and corporate giants like Hullett Packard , Illovo Sugar and North, to name a few. I also have worked and dealt with leading broadcasts like the BBC and DSTV( FoxTel equivalent), as-well as been a lead production co-ordinator of world class events in the sporting arena.

February 2013 - March 2013

Animator, Layout Artist ( Contract )
Main Activities - Previz Layout, 3d Animation, Lighting

Name of Employer - Horst Viola Jr
Company - Liquid Animation
December 2012 - January 2013

Digital Artist ( Freelance )
Main Activities - Editing, Compositing, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics,

Name of Employer - Andrew Goldstone
Company - Real Serious Games

July 2011 – December 2011

Digital Artist ( Freelance )
Main Activities - Developing visual concepts, Editing, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics,
3d Modeling, Animation.
Name of Employer - Various
Company - Various
June 2011

Editor ( Freelance )
Main Activities - On Location editing, file conversion and online uploading .
Name of Employer - Brett Clements
Company - Platinum HD
December 2009 – February 2011

Full television productions, Videography, Editing, Animation,
3D Modeling,
Motion Graphics, Graphic Design, Web design, Print Media.

Main Activities - Covering sporting events and corporate business marketing, providing a
platform for television broadcast by means of supplying a
completed advert ,
programme or series to the broadcaster as well as promotional
Company - JL Media , Production House


March 2006 – November 2009
Production Director

Main Activities - Projects Consultant , Director of videography, Programme
Scripting and research,
Videographer, Editor, Animation, Motion Graphics, Project Consultant.
Name of Employer - Carl De Heer
Company - Go-Boy Productions


Reference for Jonathan Louw November 10 2012

In the four years I’ve taught and coordinated units at QUT I’ve had the privilege of teaching a great many students. I coordinate one and teach into a number of core units for postgraduate coursework studies in Creative Industries.
I can say with authority that Jonathan’s contributions in class have been exemplary. Over the last 10 months across three different units we have interacted online and in and out of class, I have come to know Jonathon as a generous, focused and compassionate thinker and an industrious, innovative and diligent worker.

Through necessity and his own initiative, he was the enthusiastic driving force behind one significant group work project, and has since taken the lead in another. The team’s creative work, a sophisticated and complex piece accompanied by a thoroughly researched and informative theoretical framework articulated a combination of practical and abstract thinking and intense creative collaboration. The project was the best example of this practice in that particular semester. Jonathon’s willingness to support and his ability to draw the best from a broad spectrum of his peers is testament to his collaborative skills as a communicator and his courage of conviction in any task he undertakes.

Outside of the project Jonathon’s contributions to class were always considered, meaningful, pragmatic and evocative. His fellow students often found themselves compelled to engage with him, and, more importantly for me as an educator, take something positive and of value from their interactions with him.
He passed all of his assessment pieces with top grades. I see this as a measure of a grounded and diligent work ethic and an individual with a creative mind. I would like to add that his approach to and passion for animation and visual effects, his sharp and adaptive mind and willingness to work hard on his own or with others in a team would make him an asset in any workplace.

Dr Lee McGowan Associate Lecturer (QUT) in Postgraduate Coursework Studies

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to express my support for Jov Louw's application. I recommend him for any position of which he feels justified in applying.

I supervised Jov's Master of Creative Industries final project at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) last year. I was immediately impressed with his work ethic. Jov required little help, but would always listen to others and take criticism well. His objective was always to achieve the best result possible.

Jov is a problem solver. He is dedicated to finding the most appropriate solution to a problem, and following it through with diligence. Jov keeps his ear to the ground to learn of industry trends, and his ability to adapt to new technology, and develop new skills, is excellent.

Yours faithfully,

Andrew Martin Director
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Digital Art
Video Production