Drake Zarowny

Freelance Software Tester & Website Programmer

Location:Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
2 Skills
• Quick and independent learner
• Committed, punctual, responsible, and adaptable
• Strong analytical, organizational, and interpersonal skills with the ability to work in a fast-paced team environment.
• Ability to organize, prioritize and manage heavy workloads with strict deadlines.
• Strong use of examination, judgement and critical thinking to solve problems efficiently

Computer Skills
• C/C++, ObjC, C#, VB, SQL, Java, JavaScript, Erlang
• Android, OpenGL, XNA, SVN, Git, gdb, Maven, Eclipse, Netbeans, XCode, MS Visual Studio, MS DotNet, MS SQL Server, MySQL, jQuery, PHP, Tomcat, Jetty, AnyLogic, VenSim
SCADA Related
• SCADAVantage, Elipse E3, Matrikon OPC, WonderWare, TheDude
University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 2009-Present
• Sample of courses taken include:
o CMPT298 - Smartphone Programming
o CMPT306 - Game Mechanics
o CMPT317 - Intro to Artificial Intelligence
o CMPT350 - Web Programming
o CMPT351 – An Introduction to Information Security
o CMPT355 - Theory and Application of Data Bases
o CMPT370 - Software Engineering
o CMPT371 - Software Management
o CMPT381 - Implementation of Graphical User Interfaces
o CMPT394 - Simulation Principles
o CMPT436 - Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing
o CMPT479 - Usability Engineering
o CMPT481 - Human Computer Interaction
o CMPT485 - Computer Graphics and Animation

Professional Experience:
Noralta Technologies, Inc., Calgary, Alberta
Control System Specialist 2006-Present
• Maintain existing oilfield SCADA software.
• Involved in all aspects of automation project lifecycle, scope definition, design, integration, programming, commissioning, client hand-over.
• Plan and coordinate the work of contract or maintenance crews.
• Database administrator with both host systems including MS SQL and Polyhedra SQL.
Build, customize, and improve site design interfaces with Visual basic and E3 to meet the needs of client specific sites.
• Responsible for remote troubleshooting of problems on sites, including sensor issues, wireless communications and hardware device failure.
• Design and advise on many aspects of new SCADA host system in conjunction with input from clients, employer and governing bodies, including directive 17 compliancy implemented by the ERCB.
• Create scripts to extract data from the obsolete host into a format the new host could accept, significantly cutting down the swap over time as well as eliminating human error.
• Manage automated downloading of information from multiple hosts and databases into CSV files that would be loaded daily onto clients Production Volume Recording systems, immensely cutting down operator time spent entering values as well as eliminating human error through scripting.
• Create and manage middle man servers that were used to bring data from existing non-compatible host systems back into our host system allowing clients to have all of their information in one place.
Noralta Technologies, Inc., Calgary, Alberta
Control Center Operator 2005-2006
• Overall duties included well monitoring, alarm management, technical help and troubleshooting
• Relaying information from host system to clients
• Spoke with customers and explained how system worked, and advised on how they should set parameters when customer was new and unfamiliar with host.
• Trained new employees in similar position.
• Acquired many additional responsibilities as a result of in depth knowledge with system and procedures
• Improved operating techniques and efficiencies with the implementation of various technologies.