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Location:Woodland Hills, California, United States
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Mina Boutros
Fresh Graduate - Digital Media Engineering and Technology.

• Winter 2011: Junior Teaching Assistant at the German University in Cairo(GUC). Department of Media Engineering and Technology(MET).
Employer Description:
The German University in Cairo, GUC, is an Egyptian Private University established in cooperation with the State Universities of Ulm and Stuttgart. For more about the GUC please visit: http://guc.edu.eg/AboutGUC/en/AboutGUC.aspx
Job duties:
• Giving tutorials on "Introduction to Computer Science (CSIS104)" to pharmacy students.
• Grading Assignments and quizes.
• Giving office hours and responding to students' mails.
• Occasional proctoring.
Key accomplishments:.
• Most students got very good grades.
• Got a thank you mail from the professor for extra efforts.
• Students from other groups attended my class.

• August 2011: Trainee at Mobinil, Egypt. At the I.T department.
Employer Description:
Mobinil is the number one mobile services operator in Egypt, serving more than 30 million customers. Established in 1998 by major shareholders Orange and Orascom Telecom Holding. For more about Mobinil please visit: https://www.mobinil.com/en/about/company-overview/company-profile
Training Tasks:
• Studying and learning about service management especially change managemet.
• Observing and making service performance reports.
Tools used:
• Microsoft Excel.
• HP Virtualization Services tools.
Key accomplishments:
• Got an "Excellent" in my evaluation.

• August 2010: Trainee at JW Marriott, Cairo. At the I.T department.
Employer Description:
JW Marriott is a brand owned by the well known Marriott International hotel services. The JW Marriott brand has higher luxury standards than the normal Marriott brand. For more about Marriott brands please visit: https://www.marriott.com/marriott-brands.mi
Training Tasks:
• Troubleshooting hardware and software technical issues both remotely and on site.
• Maintaining and updating the Hotel network.
• Making server backups.
• Participating in ongoing projects such as labelling the network and installing security cameras.
Tools used:
• Altiris IT Management suite.
• Microsoft server 2003.
Key accomplishments:
• Got an "Excellent" in my evaluation.

Educational History
• University (2007-2012): Bachelor of Science degree from the GUC. Faculty of Media Engineering and Technology(MET). Digital Media Engineering and Technology(DMET).
The Grade Point Average scored was 2.2 (german scale).
Bachelor Thesis Project (2011): Multi-touch Gesture Detection Library using Support vector Machine(SVM).
The purpose of this project was to develop an application that can learn new multitouch gestures and identify them afterwards. The developed application was coded in Multitouch for Java(MT4J) and the SVM used was provided by the LIBSVM library. The application could create and identify up to three different multitouch gestures effectively. The grade recieved was "A-".

• High School (2004-2007): International General Certificate of Secondary Education - Cambridge (I.G.C.S.E). Saint Fatima School.
Advanced Level (AL) courses studied:
• AL Math.
• AL Computing. (Developed projects in Visual Basic)
• AL Business Studies.
• AL Biology.
• AL Chemistry.

• School(1994-2004): Patriarchal College.

Arabic: Mother tongue.
English: Fluent.

Technical Skills
Excellent development skills in Java.
Very Good skills in C++ and HTML5.
Intermediate skills in:
• CSS.
• JavaScript.
• PHP.
Basic knowledge of:
• Matlab.
• Micrososft SQL server.
• XML.
• C.
• ActionScript.
• Visual Basic.
• Haskell.
• Prolog.
Familier with the following operating systems:
• Microsoft Windows.
• Linux Ubuntu.
• Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and 2005.

Other technical Skills
• Codility.com certificate: http://codility.com/cert/view/certVUXDNX-HUU9U45Y9K5QSYP2
• Experienced with Eclipse, Netbeans, Jcreator and Adobe Flash Builder(previously known as Adobe Flex Builder).
• Experienced with image editing and slicing techniques using Adobe Photoshop.
• Very good knowledge of Object Oriented programming paradigm.
• Very good knowledge of the concept of virtual machines and VMWare.
• Basic knowledge of Dia.
Other Skills
• Excellent presentation skills.
• Very good leading skills:
Organized and participated in events like camps and sports days for kids.
Important Courses Studied in University
• Machine learning.
• Cloud Computing.
• Computer Vision.
• Databases.
• Seminar on Wikipedia Mining.

Interests and Hobbies
• Reading: Novels, self development books and biographies.
• Writing: Short stories and thoughts.
• Playing sports: Squash, swimming and gymnastics.
• Philosophy: Studied three courses.
• Music: Currently learning to play the violin.
• Cinema.
• Camping.
• Cars.
• Learning about new technologies.
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