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Eva Dalila Rojano

Freelance Graphic Designer, Flash Designer, & More

Location:London, United Kingdom
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I would describe myself as a highly motivated graphics designer and professional ilIustrator with over 9 years of experience in the artistic field. I am very creative and articulate, this is very evident in my work. I always strive for perfection so I will not submit a piece of work until im 100% satisfied that this has met the requirements of the client.

I currently teach Art & Design classes at the Mexican University at ULSA in Chihuahua:

I have worked as a graphic designer for several advertising agencies, this includes:

- Working as a cartoonist for the international company Diageo -
- Working as a patent drafting illustrator for the american company Kanetechnical Inc -

In addition to this, I am currently building a showcase portfolio via iStockphoto:

I am capable of working independently and I enjoy working as part of a team. I strive to accomplish any targets set using all available resources. I am used to working towards strict deadlines. I love working as a freelance designer for different countries as I want to build a diverse portfolio of international clients that would comprise of designs, styles, and flavours from across the globe.

I am always learning, both through my projects, freelance work and my current position of employment. I endeavour to learn as much as I can so that I can be better at what I do and provide an eclectic and bespoke product that will accomodate different flavours and tastes that clientele may have.

I don´t settle for a style, culture or country. Im not easily disuaded from persevering my goals and achieving a final product that is asthetically pleasing and a professional piece of work that makes an impressionable impact.

Personally, I believe that art and design have no barriers or limitations. If anything, its about trying to accentuate your potential and being able to think outside the box. To quote a wise young boy from a popular science fiction movie "there is no spoon". We are the only species on the planet to have a limitless resource of untapped potential, as such we are only bound by the mental barriers we put up in our minds. We have the ability to push the envelope of ones own potential... if you want it badly enough.

I am working towards performing my job remotely in a professional capacity as graphic designer and illustrator. If you have something you want me to work on, I can provide a quote for your illustration projects. Please bare in mind prices will vary but will be negotiable as each project will vary from the requirements to developing the finished article.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you´re interested in getting a more complete picture through my work and experience on my CV or if you´d like to see samples of my work.

References are available upon request