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Freelance Writer & Editor

Location:North Hollywood, California, United States
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Though my services focus on two creative fields - WRITING/EDITING & LAYOUT DESIGN - I regularly perform and direct various tasks, including:
• content writing & ghostwriting;
• proofreading, copy editing, and extensive rewriting for manuscripts;
• ready-to-print layout design for publications;
• development and implementation of new advertising platforms (company branding, website and logo design, typography, behavioral usability, package design, etc); and,
• cartoons, illustrations, and storyboarding.

The types of projects utilizing my skills include: ESSAYS, articles, advertisements, books, brochures, children's lit, novels, presentations, short stories, scripts, technical and business writing, web content, etc.

If you have a need that falls under the umbrella of any of the above, I can probably do it - and have samples to prove it! Let me know if you have any questions.

Currently an Art Director & Editor for a publication, my duties include organizing and designing high-end brochures for luxury venues (hotels, country clubs, vineyards, etc), showcasing their wedding and special events amenities.

I'm also a creative freelancer who has headed up an assortment of projects since graduating with degrees in Communications, Writing, and Multimedia Design.

My continued success working in the creative fields can be attributed to my ability to monitor a project from start to finish, knowing the step-by-step components needed to achieve the most polished final product. Working freelance on a regular basis, I know the importance of working well with the suggestions of others while still maintaining the attention to detail and style throughout my tasks.

Creative skills aside, I'm a very effective and organized planner. I interact well with clients and easily bridge the technological and creative gaps that sometimes come with working on projects involving artistic innovation and up-to-date, high-tech implementation.

Let me know if you have any queries!

Proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, Quark, and Microsoft Office Suite. Proficient in Mac and PC; excellent writing and grammatical skills. Good with written and verbal presentations. Able to get along well with co-workers and accept supervision – received positive evaluations from past employers. Concerned with quality and very detail-oriented. Produce work that is very orderly and attractive. Ensure tasks are completed correctly and on time.
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