Martin Heavisides

Freelance Comedy Writer & Creative Writer

Location:Toronto, Ontario, Canada
2 Skills

Publications/Broadcasts/Creative Consults
Pure Slush Bargain Rates Special Gifts Apr
Every Day Poets Improvisation for St Valentine Feb
Weekly columns for The Moving Picture Writes (beginning series “Trilogies”) O Lucky Man!
The Linnet’s Wings Dante’s Inferno (review of Ken Russell film) Winter
The Moving Picture Writes weekly contributions (including serial essay “Who Do You Like as the Killer?” Meat, Meat, Fresh Meat
and a serialized screenplay With a Bullet With a Bullet vi
Mad Hatter’s Review Carol Novack Tribute issue May
Taste Test Don’t You HATE When That Happens? Photo Wall Tabula Rasa Memory Lane
(five flash fiction pieces) May

Art Initiatives What’s Up? (poem)
The Moving Picture Writes Weekly Contributions Ongoing throughout the Year
(Includes serial essay on ‘Documentary Fiction’ Ceci n’est pas un essai du cinema)' Film Rights


The Moving Picture Writes Weekly Contributions Ongoing throughout the year'
A Metazen Christmas “Variations on a Theme by Coldplay Dec
For Every Year Le Mort de la vierge (an appreciation of Carravaggio) Aug
Danse Macabre Midnight, After (noir poem) June
The Linnet’s Wings “Fellas I’m Dying Out There” Death House Comedy (essay) Spring
Crossed Genres “Post a Story for Haiti” Taste Test Jan
Open Salon (The Evitable) Internet Catz! Jan
The Linnet’s Wings Armstrong (essay/musical appreciation) Dec/Jan


FRiGG "moments of truth #7-13" Fall
Soliloquies "Please May I Live?" Fall
The Linnet's Wings "Deities at an Exhibition" Oct
monkey bicycle "Forest City" (from UNDERMIND) Aug
Crossing Chaos Press UNDERMIND Novel Sept
The Linnet's Wings "Four Satirical Poems" Summer
Bannock Street Books "Things Are Looking Up" (from UNDERMIND) Summer
The Linnet's Wings "And Would Seem to Lack a Vice: The Poetry of Ben Jonson" Spring
The Living Theatre (New York) EMPTY BOWL Staged Live Reading Apr
Sein Und Werden "Film Rights" (from UNDERMIND) Spring
Cella's Round Trip "The Mental Walk In Closet" Winter/Spring
Dog Oil Press "It Just Massively Multiplies the Difficulty" (from UNDERMIND) Jan
The Evitable/Open Salon (Online blog) 19 Items


The Linnet's Wings "Christmas Morning" Yule Issue
The Linnet's Wings "I AM BEING EVERYBODY THEY CRIED: PETER BARNES 1931-2004" Autumn
The Linnet's Wings EMPTY BOWL Summer
The Evitable (Online Blog) 18 Items


The Evitable (Online Blog) 67 Items (May-Aug 2007)
Gambara (Online) "Courtly Love: a tail" (Sept. 2007)


The Landing (Online) "Aftershock"
Quiction(Online) "Jamais Vu"


Block and Main(online) "What Are You Doing?" (Flash Fiction)
FlashForwardFiction(online) "What Would You Like?" and "Taste Test"
(Flash Fiction pieces)
MAD HATTER'S REVIEW(online) Cubist Torso (short story)
monkeybicycle(online) "Serpentine", a one sentence story


the beat (online) The Niceties (very short story)


METRO (Toronto City Weekly) "3 Vignettes of Life in the City"
"Hospital Courier Calls" "Slots in Life" (3 columns)


CANADIAN CHILDREN'S DANCE THEATRE intermittent work helping with grant
applications, parttime pr literary consultant on dance project based
on Wm. Blake ballet libretto


BLACK CAT REVIEW "Hallowe'en Themebook Competition" "New Earth &
Heaven" (short stories)

JEREMIAD "Coffee Break" "Sold as Advertised" (short stories)


BLOOD & APHORISMS "Anticipation" (short story)


CIUT "Days and Nights in Laputa" "Trypanosome War" (political essays)
"Diary of Opinion" (regular feature) satirical sketches short essays


CANADIAN FORUM "The Seige of Wye Marsh" (essay)


TORONTO ART NEWS art film music book reviews

ARTMAGAZINE art reviews film column

BEAVER BITES satirical sketches articles poems stories


STUDIES IN CONTEMPORARY SATIRE "Limited War" "Knives Out at Disneyland"
"Acommodation Shared" (satirical tales)

THE NERVE "Atrocity Bluff"

INDUSTRIAL SABOTAGE "look at it this way" (poem)

THE WAVE "Cosmodemonic Blues" (Critical essay on Henry Miller)


(Apart from that I did extended writing for both the Saskatoon
and Toronto student newspapers, THE SHEAF and THE VARSITY respectively
---in the neighbourhood of a hundred short reviews, controversial
letters, long retrospective pieces on Chaplin and Robert Coover etc.

BEGGAR’S BANQUET a day in the life of eight people living rough
I FORESEE TROUBLE “If you’re really a psychic, why am I calling?”
EMPTY BOWL “Zen in the Art of the epic theatre”


CLOSED SYSTEM "Welcome to another working day at E.C.C.O."


DREAM DREAM DREAM (Radio play) "The work you do---and you're far from
alone---is so robotic you could do it in your sleep and perhaps you


LIVE, FROM ATHENS the trial and execution of Socrates as a reality
show for tv

LAST REQUEST/ONE MORE TIME! a musical comedy about cross-dressing and
the death penalty.

FATHER'S DAY the family that put the dis in dysfunction


inch foot time gem Zen and the Art of the Experimental 1 Hour Play


UNDERMIND “It’s so lovely being all of you this evening”

In Progress
LABYRINTH, an informal sequel to UNDERMIND

HOW I FOUND EUROPE travel memoir? social history? social criticism?
action art criticism? artful gossip? translations in the original
language? will this book please make up its mind?


June 2006-Present QA Courier
Dec. 2005-Jan. 2006 Revising agent, registration officer and data
entry clerk for Elections Canada
Jan. 2001-Nov. 2005 Walking Courier with Quick Messenger Service
1995-2000 Regular part-time work at WHAT THE DICKENS BOOKSTORE
irregular part time work for MCBURNIE AND CUTLER, BOOKSELLERS and
brief stints with D&E LAKE ART AND BOOKS Also active as a book scout
1990-1995 Principally active as a book scout
1988-1992 Courier for GB Express/Hotline Express (which was the new
name of the company when the two entities merged)
1985-1988 Courier for Legal Dispatch
1976-1985 Street vendor Glass animals principally, sometimes jewelry
stuffed toys Polish boxes (Continued this part-time until the 1990s)
1970-1976 Organized FILM CLASSICS series for Cinema Twins in Saskatoon
Worked at a variety of other jobs, printer, general labourer with the
Exhibition, film reviewer for CBC Regina etc.


1984 FORBIDDEN FILMS, an Amnesty International Benefit volunteer
contributed film synopses to booklet accompanying festival also
solicited an essay on the subject from Lindsay Anderson

1983 FOR CHILDREN'S SAKE, an Amnesty International Benefit One of two
principal organizers (the other being Michael de Coninck Smith of
Canadian Children's Dance Theatre) Contacting and organizing performers
for ten days of children's events writing for press releases and

1982 THE WRITER AND HUMAN RIGHTS, an Amnesty International Benefit
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Comedy Writing
Creative Writing