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Location:Anaheim, California, United States
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My name is Vince, I am 36 years old. I am currently in the nursing field and have been one for almost 7 years. My field in the visual arts as a professional has not been the main foundation when pertaining to my career background. I was first a U.S. Marine, and have served honorably for 8 years. In those years, I have transferred a lot of images I have captured onto paper. From boot camp, Infantry school, to combat. I want to be blunt and honest here, so that I don't give any wrong perception from the other end. I didn't attend or graduate from an art school or institute. I don't know how else to expose myself in this field due to no experience, however I thought I would give it a shot if I was given an opportunity to show my creativity, talent, and most importantly, my passion. I am mission oriented, so deadlines are of no stress for me. I know how important it is to be part of a team to accomplish any mission, but I can also operate just as effective on my own.
Going back to my adolescence, I have been awarded several art contests. I have received the Edward Jack Keats award for illustrators, competing with professionals, and college art students at the time. One of my works have been submitted to the Children's Art Museum in New York for a period of time. My sophomore year in high school, I have won several monetary awards from several national art contests, against professional and college level art students at the time. During summers a local comic book store would hire me to draw posters of comic book characters for advertisements. These are my only exposures and experience in the public eye of the art world.
I would like to gain ground in this field. I am hopeful that all it takes is that one that would be willing to hire an under dog such as me. And hope to establish a rewarding, and trusting professional relationship with them.
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