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Location:Caldwell, Texas, United States
Website: http://www.hudegis.com
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Ryan Hude
1810 Terrace Dr. Caldwell TX, 77836


Hude GIS Solutions, LLC
July 2010 – Present
GIS Specialist

After being laid off in January 2010, participating in many interviews, sending out many resumes and CV’s…I incorporated HGS in the summer of 2012 for the purpose of supporting my family and to become a Professional Independent Contractor. I desire a full time employment position with a replicable company that shares my idea a long term commitment and goals.
I have the ability to develop and maintain new business, manage projects, complete tasks, manage personal, and provide professional support utilizing my past experiences and my extensive working knowledge of GIS and CAD mapping, Esri ArcGIS Suites, Microsoft, Word press, PHP, Cloud Servers, SaaS, python, .NET, Java, SQL, Visual Basic, Map-basic, and multiple GIS and Information Technology Software. I have 10 years experience in the Oil & Gas Industry specializing in TX DOT pipelines, HCA pipeline mapping, Environmental Analysis, Emergency Management, pipeline profiles, permitting with TRC, NPMS, POD’s, database creation, data conversion, Geo-referencing, ROW’s, Route mapping and AutoCAD. I am a team player, strive to meet time sensitive deadlines, uphold the client’s confidentiality, and will always communicate honestly.

Advanced GIS Specialties’:
? GIS Analysis, AutoCAD & Project Management
? Office Management & Training
? Provide Modern Geospatial Methodologies, map editing, & data consulting business development, and lead support to my team on location and our Columbian Team in Bogotá meet deadlines accurately and punctually, while working remotely and/or in office
? Custom Mapping, Topographic , Geo-referencing, Digital Elevation Models, 3D
? Plats and Well Lease maps which includes parcel and tax data for Meeps and Bounds.
? Cadastral, Land Survey, Boundary, Calculating Distance and Spatial Accuracy are
? Land Lease, Parcel & Tax Maps, Mineral Rights, and Meeps & Bounds
? Compliance & Government regulations
? National Pipeline mapping Submittals (NPMS)
? Texas Railroad Commission Submittals(RRC)
? High Consequence Area mapping (HCA’s), alignment sheets
? Pipeline Profiles, Risk Analysis and Integrity Management
? Pipeline Open Data Model Standard (PODS)
? Database design and Management for Enterprise Databases
? Natural talent for Data Research, Data Conversion
? Research, Analyze and compile data into spatially accurate maps (ArcSDE)
? Field Data collection

Software & Code:
Esri ArcGIS Suites, AutoCAD , Trimble, GPS, Visual Basic, Map-basic Information Systems, Microsoft, Excel, Spreadsheets, IT, Cloud Servers, AutoCAD, python, .NET, Java, SQL,
Interactive Web-mapping, Hard & Cloud Servers

AMEC Paragon Houston, TX
May 2006-January 2010
GIS Analyst II

At AMEC my main focus was to learn as much as I could from the Global Engineering leader and to provide the most beneficial project management, GIS support and deploy the most accurate SDE’s/ geo-databases to insure quality to our pipeline managers. I managed 2 teams and the data used to create ROW’s and Emergency Route Maps for new construction and as-built pipelines.
Along with coordinating the mapping and CAD drafts and data management my other responsibilities were to purchase the data sets, edit the data for Q/A & Q/C, manage the 2 team’s budget, and communicate with the clients and engineers of the pipeline project.


? Analyzed and managed data for a 2 mapping/drafting teams
? Assist Engineer with quality project management support
? CAD data conversion and restoration
? Created and management of Esri GIS/ArcSDE Geo-databases for multiple projects
? Budget control, deadlines, and communicating
? Q/A and Q/C, Edited 2 teams maps/drafts and other data sensitive deliverables
? Trained other co-workers on Esri GIS software as they joined the team
? Able to make sound decisions in a fast pace environment while managing multiple projects and meeting strict deadlines

Michael Baker Corporation
March 2004 – February 2006
GIS Analyst II

I moved back to Houston after accepting an offer from Michael Baker Jr. Corp. as a GIS Analyst I for a 2 year FEMA project. My focus was to cleanse and update FEMA’s current flood plain data, research, gather, and analyze census and spatial data based upon the area of interest’s population growth. Along with my small team we created the geo-databases, SDE’s, and GIS shapefiles we then compiled into accurate emergency management maps.

GIS Skills:
? Analyzed and compiled data for the water flow of flood zones(ArcSDE)
? Analyzed and updated data using Esri, ArcGIS Suites, CAD and HEC-REC software
? Government Regulatory requirements(FGDC)
? Remote Sensing, Aerial photography, Real Time mapping
? Created easily understood maps with geospatial accuracy (SDSFIE)

Geologic Data Solutions
July 2003-January 2004 GIS Analyst I

GDA in Denver was my landing spot after college, my key responsibilities were scanning, geo-referencing, digitizing, and editing spatial data using Visual Basic, Map-Basic, and SAS to create custom geologic datasets of the Russian Mountain Range, GDA geologists were interested in exploring for oil and gas. I gained creativity and confidence in utilizing different outside resources due to the fact a lot of the data was in Russian.


Southwest Texas State University (1999-2003)
Bachelor of Science in Geography
GIS Certified (Cartography and Remote Sensing)
Advanced Principles of GIS, Spatial Data Analysis, Creation & Management
Principles of Aerial Photography & Remote Sensing
Map Compilation, Cartography & Graphics
Geology & Mineral analysis/mapping
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