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Jacintha Webster

Career objective
I have a passion for writing, law and journalism, I am also highly skilled with online and offline programs involving, media, design and writing. I want a career that can harness these skills and improve them.

Monash University, Caulfield, 2012
Double Degree- Bachelor or Journalism and Arts Majoring in Law and Society

University of Canberra, Canberra, 2008-2011
Double degree- Bachelor of Arts and Writing

Talent2 online, St Kilda, 2012
Cert 3 in business
Creative Writing Course, National Library Canberra, 2009

Short courses

First aid Certificate - Red Cross.

Trained Tennis Coach - Rising star tennis academy, Canberra.



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Employment history
Square shaped circles
January 2013 – Present
I am currently working for square shaped circles, I am in charge or all media and media releases including blogging. My main focus is on the recently released book LOVE IS. Please find attached my published work.

Hopetoun Tearooms
June 2012-January 2013
Full time barista and face of the tearooms.

Silo Bakery Canberra
October 2009-December 2011
Part time barista

I worked in hospitality whilst gaining my degree in order to gain people skills, for the flexible hours and for the love of food and coffee.

Hobbies and interests
I have a passion for reading, writing, editing and design. My biggest love is writing but I enjoyed acquiring the skills at university to shoot and work with film, sound and image. I love food, wine and coffee and enjoy dining and reviewing Melbourne venues. I take part in most Melbourne cultural events eg. Fringe Festival, Comedy Festival and Film festivals and wrote reviews on all these events. I love to travel and have spent many months abroad. I’m keen to learn languages and have started to learn Japanese. I have a passion for people and animals; I was part of the Amnesty International Group at Monash and take part in charity events every year. I also recently attended Animal Matters a Sydney based event and was asked to blog about the night. I studied Law and Society at University of Canberra and have a sound knowledge of Family Law, Business Law, Defamation Law, Media Law and International Relations. I’m keen to learn everything your company has to offer me.
Portfolio of most recent published works.

Artists know what LOVE IS
Award winning international artists and photographers unite as one for LOVE IS. The beautiful coffee table book provides the opportunity for the artists of the world to create positive change and have their work seen by a global audience. The artists have donated images of their work to support international partner charities and organisations through the book. Now the Sydney-bases creators are taking on the world.

Keith Wright, Founder and Sally West, Creative Director of LOVE IS believe that love can and will create positive change. The book is making a big impact as a result of the collective and unique art work that is not seen together anywhere else.

Khalil S.Dadah is from Palestine and at 76 is the most senior artist in the book. He supports positive change through art. “Artists, as most sensitive members of international societies, can and will try to change the world to a peaceful and prosperous place for living human beings, without discrimination.”

Keith had the idea for the book and followed through, inviting everyday people to write honestly about what love is to them. Sally used her position in the art world to collaborate with fellow international artists and photographers to create striking visuals. The artworks depict how love can be seen and interpreted through all different walks of life and stages of mind. The amalgamation of the two mediums created LOVE IS.

The book is partnering with charities to support and help raise funds through love. Love is not a new idea in art but combined with a good cause is becomes unique. "Artists have been commenting on love since the beginning of time. It's what drives them. A true artist will always speak from the heart,” said Sally.

Much of the art shown in the book will be auctioned off at the end of an international tour raising funds and awareness for the partner charities. This process of selflessly giving and sharing will create an extremely positive gift to the world.

Ulrike Miesen-Schürmann a contributing artist from Germany shared her view, “…it's in the hand of the artist to make the people stop, see and think about the question what is important for the world and how to make our world better."

The artwork in the book is not only visually stunning, but nourishes the soul with its altruistic message.

Little Wings needs love to fly
Little Wings is a charity that works with the Oncology Unit at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead and relies heavily on the kind donations of others. They are funded through corporate, business and private donations. The charity runs on volunteers and the kindness of others, LOVE IS are the latest supporters to take flight.

Little Wings provides free regional flights for children and families who are currently undergoing treatment for
Cancer-related illnesses. Kevin Robinson is the Founder and CEO of the charity. It was formed when he decided to combine his love of flying with his love of helping people, “The original plan was to do a flight on the weekend to help someone, now it has turned into a full time job for me.”

Little Wings Pilots are mostly volunteers, transporting sick children, their families and specialty nurses to rural and regional areas. Kevin said support is everything “we simply can't provide the number of flights needed to help these children and families without the generous
donations from the community.”

Families touched by childhood cancer face significant emotional difficulties but also financial difficulties, this is where LOVE IS lends a hand. The gorgeous coffee table book is for sale though the Little Wings website with
proceeds going to this much needed service.

LOVE IS, is a creative venture designed to help others, Founder Keith Wright and Creative Director Sally West wanted to make a book that was not only beautiful but soulful.

Little Wings is one of the first charities to get involved but infinite can. Keith shares his feelings about the
alliance. “Little Wings is an inspiring charity, created by an inspiring man. The first time I met Kevin I walked out and went WOW, Kevin's enthusiasm and passion to assist children with cancer is truly incredible. We are very excited to be able to assist this charity."

Little Wings is a new charity which is still finding its feet. Kevin and the team welcomed the partnership with the book “the opportunity to increase awareness through LOVE IS has been excellent for Little Wings. Creating awareness…increases our chances of raising much needed funds…we also believe that the title and theme of the book blends perfectly with the work we do…we are motivated and driven by the LOVE we have for these children and families.”

Babies, books and miracles.
Newborns that are premature and sick is an image that breaks everybody's heart. So young and helpless, they need others to nurture and protect them from harm. Miracle Babies Foundation is a charity which has made it their mission to look after these babies and their families. Support is given from conception to birth and beyond through education, resources, community, healthcare and compassion.

Miracle Babies Foundation has recently gained the support of LOVE IS. The team at LOVE IS were shocked to discover that every year in Australia around 44,000 newborn babies require the help of a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit or Special Care Nursery. Devastatingly, up to 1000 of these babies still die.

Keith Wright, founder of LOVE IS, said “We are delighted to be able to help these miracle families, the love that binds them together is incredible.”

Since 2005, the Miracle Babies Foundation has been vital to Australian families in need of support when their pregnancies do not go to plan. For this to happen
Miracle Babies needs aid and funds from outside sources.

Melinda Cruz, CEO and Founder of Miracle Babies Foundation said, “Nothing can explain the overwhelming feeling of seeing your baby for the first time and nothing can describe what it feels like when you know your new baby is unwell and fighting for their life - love is what gets families through such an emotionally traumatic time.” It is critical that people are willing to donate time, love and money so charities like Miracle Babies Foundation can survive.

Sally West, Creative Director of the book and campaign said, “without the brave people that put pen to paper to share their written impressions of love and the artists who have shared with us their unique artworks, creating this gorgeous book LOVE IS, would not have been possible.”

As 1 of 5 partner charities, Miracle Babies Foundation will receive funds and be promoted at international events, such as the NYC PictureStart Film Festival. Melinda said “it is a pleasure for Miracle Babies Foundation to be supported by the LOVE IS team, funds raised from the book go towards our work with families and health professionals for better, healthier outcomes for many babies across Australia.”

The Maiti Trek for Nepal
The incredible women of GXY Reboot are at it again. In between running a successful business and visiting all corners of the world, Melissa Bridge is also making a difference through adventure, raising awareness for her charity of choice, Maiti Nepal. An avid trekker and globe trotter, Mel and her right hand woman Skye Williams are seeking 50 extraordinary people to join their Maiti Trek to Base Camp, Mount Everest, in October.

The trek aims to raise $50,000 for Maiti Nepal, who work to abolish the trafficking and ************ of women and children in Nepal. Maiti Nepal's goal is to; save, house and educate abducted females saving them from a life of exploitation and violation.

Every person is required to raise $1000 (AUD) which is gifted to the Maiti Nepal. All funds raised will contribute to the protection and rehabilitation of Nepali women and children. Upon arriving in Kathmandu, Mel and her 50 guests will visit the girls and women experiencing first-hand how their donation is used.

Maiti Trek has collaborated with the soon to be released book LOVE IS, founded by Keith Wright and designed by Sally West of square shaped cirlces. The book also supports charities, so the giving is endless. People fundraising for the trek can sell the book to generate funds for the Maiti Nepal or gift the book to generous donators.

Mel’s introduction to Keith was fortuitous. She had the idea for the Trek after attending a breakfast where Somaly Mam spoke. The following week Mel crossed paths with Keith. After hearing about his LOVE IS project, Mel was instantly on board. The book captures expressions and interpretations of love from all over the world, bringing them all together in a beautiful coffee table book
For Mel, LOVE IS serves as a platform for her guest to give back to their supporters. “I would not have used a commercial book, I like the fact that he is giving back” Mel adds “Keith has made a simple way for charities to raise funds and awareness through a creative outlet.”

The Maiti Trek website was launched on International Woman’s day, Friday the 8th of March, and has already received worldwide interest. If you’d like to join the Maiti Trek, with a touch of luxury, please visit the website www.themaititrek.org.

The trip is set to be life changing, both for those trekking and for the women and children of The Maiti Nepal.

LOVE IS creating a stir
Every few years a book is created that makes people stop and think. LOVE IS, published by square shaped circles, is such a book. Filled with beautiful artworks by international artists and musings on love, the book is visually and emotively stimulating, providing food for the soul. Proceeds from this beautiful book will support many charities around the world.

The book was born after a 3am idea that would not go away, Keith Wright, 44, was compelled to act. He explored his impression of what love is to him and from this seed, the book LOVE IS was created. Keith is a Founder and the Marketing Director of Sydney-based company square shaped circles. He collected written impressions of love from around the world to create a book, support charities and create global, positive change.

With the guidance of LOVE IS Creative Director and Sydney-based international artist Sally West, the book has been filled with striking and colourful artwork by 29 artists. These artworks have been coupled with thought provoking, written impressions of love, by 54 people from all over the world.

The book breaks the somewhat awkward conversational silence that sometimes exists between us, on the topic of love. The visuals are beautiful and diverse, the imagery lingering long afterwards. The book reveals love in its uniquity and cleverly manages to capture the many emotional states of love in a visually alluring format.
Keith has nurtured this vision, to encourage others to embrace and talk about love, what it means to them and to view it in all its beauty and pain.

The current charities associated with LOVE IS are Miracle Babies Foundation, Women LEAD and Little Wings. These charities are creative in nature and the people involved are energetic and passionate. They are run by inspiring individuals, and as Keith says, “You can’t help but want to help them”.

square shaped circles is looking to align with like-minded individuals and organisations. They see no limit to the collaborative potential of the LOVE IS project and the series of books that are set to follow. Their aim is to help people in need, without discrimination.

The book is set to be on Australian bookshelves and available online by Mothers Day, 12 May 2013. Go to www.bookloveis.com for more information.

Holy Motors? Holy Smokes!
The Film Holy Motors is absolutely mindboggling; it is like an incomprehensible dream you once had that you never want to forget. It is weird, wonderful and utterly absurd; it is intoxicating, bizarre and at times confounding. Holy Motors is Leos Carax’s latest creation and does not disappoint. The 2012 French film was directed and written by Carax and competed for the Palme d'Or at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival.
The work is a look into the life of Monsieur Oscar (Denis Lavant) an outrageous character who in one day has nine peculiar ‘appointments’. These ‘appointments’ see him become a monster, father, captain of industry, beggar and assassin; I won’t give the rest away. From dawn to dusk he is chauffeured around by the gorgeous Celine (Edith Scob) in a stretch limousine which becomes a make shift change room where Oscar performs his amazing transformations.
Holy Motors was the talk of Cannes before making its way to Melbourne International Film Festival, it premiered last Tuesday in Melbourne and launched audiences into a buzz of delight and wonder. The movie was met with mostly positive response on the opening night.
“I don’t know what just happened my mind is blown, I’m utterly confused and I love it, great, great film.” - Benjamin McCabe, film student.
Although brilliant, the weirdness of Carax’s world, as expected, was not to everyone’s taste.
“I love the film festival I have already seen several [films], this one was not my favourite. I appreciate the absurdity of this film but I did not enjoy it. At times it made me uncomfortable and I felt I wanted out of this weird cinema. - Polly Hanford, International Student.
Holy Motors was Carax’s first feature film since 1999 and was met with much anticipation after the success of his previous films; Boy Meets Girl (1984), Bad Blood (1986) Les Amants du Pont-Neuf (1991), and Pola X (1999). The film is predominantly in French with splashes of English and Chinese. Lavant and Scob are without a doubt the stars of the film which also features Kylie Minogue and Eva Mendez. Mendez and Minogue both have relatively small roles but are enchanting whenever they are on screen, whilst still being as bizarre and nonsensical as each other.
The unforgiving surrealism in the film makes it hard to pinpoint the theme, there is no simple meaning to Holy Motors but there are elements of love, death and life. The constant costume change of Oscar reflects the importance of the roles we play in life and how many transformations one person can undergo to change their persona. The big bulky limousines reflect the distaste Carax has for digital cameras and the digital age. A mad film like this has no obvious themes but the unique journey of everyone’s life to death can be presumed.
Holy Motors is without doubt the strangest, most dishevelled and genius film to hit MIFF this year. It left this reviewer sitting in awe when the rest of the cinema was up applauding. It makes you question what you know about film and its conventions. Its kaleidoscopic, poetic, absolute nonsense and I must watch it again.

The Magic of Animal Matters

BY Jacintha Webster
The night started out the same as any other high profile event, there were celebrities, wine, canapés and an invite only guest list. But it was not just another networking event; the wine was ethical, the canapés were vegan and the celebrities were animal lovers with the likes of comedian Carl Barron, Australian super model Sheridyn Fisher and activist Natalie Houghton.
The event was Clare Mann and Ricky Schutte’s Animal Matters. It was held in Sydney on Tuesday 19th of March and was the first in a series of live events promoting the ethical treatment of animals and uncovering the horror of factory farms. Animal Matters goal is to create social awareness and inform Australian businesses of the exploitation of industrial animals.
Clare, the Managing Director of Communicate31, cleverly filled the night with entertainment and glamour as well as prestigious speakers and hard hitting facts. Missy Higgins, Lyn White, Natalie Houghton and Eva Caprile all gave compelling speeches and shared personal experiences and stories. Ricky is the Director and Creative Producer of Animal Matters and was pleased with how the night went, “…seeing the event finally unfold and be a success was very inspiring. Everyone involved projected their passion for animal welfare and their commitment to raise awareness for a more compassionate world for animals.”

Missy gave a talk about her own involvement in Animals Australia, her decision to become a vegetarian and how she shares, but not pushes, her beliefs with her fans. She also sang to the crowd and stayed around to chat after the show. Missy works closely with Lyn White who is the Campaign Director and Chief investigator of Animals Australia.
Animals Australia represents over 40 member societies and thousands of supporters in the protection of animals. The not-for-profit organization is Australia’s foremost institute when it comes to investigating and exposing animal cruelty and for conducting world-first strategic public awareness campaigns. Lyn had a wealth of compelling and thought provoking things to say. But what resinated with me was simple, “…we must show kindness to animals.” This simple act with education will create a sustainable and peaceful earth which breaks the cycle of violence and apathy. Another favourite of the night who pressed the point of education was Natalie Houghton.
Natalie is the CEO of the Jane Goodall Institute Australia, which is also a not-for-profit organization. It promotes Humane Education as a solution for a peaceful, just and sustainable world. Her message was clear on the night, follow the APE philosophy: in which Animals, People and the Environment are considered in all decision making. She was warm and natural with the crowd and you were immediately enthralled with whatever she was saying. I had already made the switch to a more ethical way of living but her words inspired me to want to help others learn the truth, not only for the animals, but for future generations and the earth.
The guests were not only treated to information but also to entertainment, throughout the show there were performances by magician Johnny Balance and Unusualist Raymond Crowe. Johnny balanced things on his chin, and by things I mean trolleys and tables (madness!) and Raymond did an awesome rendition of What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong using the shadows of his hands.
Sheridyn Fisher was a guest speaker on the night, she is a model and vegan who shares with her fans her ethical choices in her life and career, “I was keen to get on board as I am a firm believer of standing up for animals…taking all the information out of the shadows and inspiring people to get on board and stop animal cruelty.”
Clare was the host of the evening and had charisma to boot, she is genuine and even on stage she oozed compassion. After the show she was out in the courtyard of the Australian Institute of Architects building discussing the issues and possible paths to help animals. “I have a role to play in assisting animal organisations communicate very difficult messages to the public and help them truly collaborate to bring about positive change in the world,” she said. One of the resounding solutions was education, to let people know of the issues and how to change. That is what this event was really all about, telling people about the simple things they can do to help. This is after all how Clare got started “when I first learnt about the reality of animal factory farming, I had to do something…I believe that the biggest contribution I can make is to use my communication expertise to inform business leaders and the public of the reality of animal cruelty in industry.”
Almost all the guests instantly wanted to get involved. Keith Wright was keen to join forces with an animal charity for his soon to be released book LOVE IS, to share the message of Animal Matters.
“The inaugural Animal Matters event provided a great opportunity to learn about the plight of farmed animals and the destructive force of such practices on the world. The concept of the evening, of bridging the gap between celebrities and animals is a great way to inform people in a non-threatening fashion; leaving people inspired, feeling good. This is a great catalyst for them to tell others.” He said.
Ricky thinks the next event of the series will be bigger and better, “Animal Matters is currently in development for a large scale production to be mounted in August 2013 in Melbourne. This will be a ticketed event and involve some of the biggest names in entertainment and the animal welfare speaking circuit.”
All the speakers and guests I spoke to praised the event, Sheridyn said “I loved the event, it was amazing being involved with such inspirational representatives of Animal Matters, giving those who do not have a voice a voice to be heard.”
Animal Matters is set to hit Melbourne and Brisbane later this year, find the team at http://communicate31.com/animal-matters-event/ to get involved.

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