Freelance Arabic Translator & Language Translator

Location:Knoxville, Tennessee, United States
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6916 Deane Hill Drive, Knoxville, TN •703 869-7551•
Moataz ElShehawy

Employment History

From: 01/2005 To: 12/2008
Job Title: Arabic Interpreter
Contract with: Bowne Global Solutions/Lionbridge
Supervisor: Ms. Pamela Quick
Phone Number: 202-741-3975 Description of duties:
Interpreted for the U.S Immigration and Health Services Providers.

From: 08/2003 To: 12/2008
Job Title: Arabic Interpreter
Contract with: LLE Language Services
Supervisor: Ms. Isabelle Dejean
Phone Number: 888-464-8553 Description of duties:
Interpreted for Arabic speaking patients at numerous Health Services Providers.

From: 03/2003 To: 01/2013
Job Title: Arabic Interpreter
Contract with: U.S State Department
Supervisor: Ms. Martha Scaringi
Phone Number: 202-261-8800 Description of duties:
Interpreted for Arab delegations, invited by the U.S State Department.
Advised both Arab visitors and Americans on cross cultural issues.
Handled the logistics and administrative matters related to the invited delegations

From: 01/2002 To: Present
Job Title: Arabic Interpreter / Tour Conductor
Contract with: Capital Communications Group
Supervisor: Mr. Taoufik Ammar
Phone Number: 202-349-1444 Description of duties:
Interpreted for Arab delegations that visited the United States for professional programs.
Conducted Washington D.C tours in English and Arabic for delegations invited by the United
States government.


From: 10/1993 To: 10/2001
Job Title: Director of Tour operations
Employer: Motaz Tours, Cairo, Egypt
Supervisor: Salaheldin ElShehawy
Phone Number: 011-202-2635-9351

Description of duties:
Designed and executed travel packages in Egypt for local and international tourists.

, [City, ST]

- Certificate: English for Heritage Language Speakers Program, Georgetown University, June 29, 2009. Full-time, intensive program in
English and Communications for professional purposes. Attended on full scholarship from the National Security Education Program.

- Certificate: Simultaneous Interpretation in Arabic and English Languages, August, 2003, George Washington University, DC.

- Diploma: Tourism, 01/1992/-01/1993, American University, Cairo, Egypt
- Bachelor’s Degree: 1991, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt; Major, Accounting
- Baccalaureate: 1987, German School , Cairo, Egypt [Degree]
[School Name], [City, ST]

Skills And Qualifications
• Fluency in spoken and written German language: Lived in Germany for seven years and received German
Education from Kindergarten till High school.
• Native professional proficiency in MSA Arabic; knowledge of politics and history of the Middle East, North Africa,
and the Gulf region.

• Familiarity with different Arabic dialects and cultures.

• Extensive knowledge of Egypt's social, economic and political aspects.
• Native proficiency in Egyptian dialect, Near native proficiency in Tunisian dialect
and familiar with different Arabic professional terminologies (legal, military, educational, religious and political)
• Professional level English skills.
• Excellent presentation, interpersonal, and communication skills.

Special Recognition
Awarded the “Interpreter of the Year” title for 2007 from the National Visitors Council.

Record of Clients
Government Departments and Agencies:
- U.S. Department of State
- U.S. Department of Energy
- U.S. Central Command
- U.S. Department of Commerce
- U.S. Department of Agriculture
- Near East South Asia Center for Strategic Studies
- Alhura TV Station

Non-Governmental Organizations:
- The Meridian International Center
- Academy for Educational Development
- Institute of International Education
- Delphi International
- The German Marshall Fund of the United States
- The American Council of Young Political Leaders
- The AFL – CIO
- ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers)
- Bank Information Center (BIC)

- California State University
- Southern Methodist University
- American University