Adriana Silveira

Freelance Book Cover Designer & Business Card Designer

Location:Crofton, Maryland, United States
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Adriana Silveira was born in Santos, Brazil in 1973. Self-taught at an early age, she drew and painted in surfaces such as paper and fabric. At age 16 she started working as fashion designer for Casas Pernambucanas an Rakan Tecidos, in Salvador, Bahia. She traveled to the United States and Italy in 1996 where she was introduced to the work of Michelangelo, Norman Rockwell and Andy Warhol. She combined influences from Michelangelo's human figures with pop to create joyful and vibrant artwork.

In 2006 Adriana left the United States to become an emerging International artist in Italy. She also worked in the modeling industry for Olivella, Cosmoprof, and Spoleto Festival. Not only a visual artist but also a singer, Adri performed with extraordinary Italian Jazz musicians in Spoleto, Bologne, Treviso and Rome, being one of the most important performances at the Confindustria Conference, performing to Italian celebrities such as Piero de Montezemolo, Emma Marcegaglia, and Berlusconi. In 2007 she was selected out of 870 Italian artists by Harley Davidson of Rome, Italy due to her artwork " House of Milwaukee", having her art published in the artistic book created by the company. In the following years she participated of several artshows with different artists from Italy and other countries.
Adri's work has been sold in Brazil, Italy and the United States since 2006.
The Brazilian artist currently works with Audition America in Maryland, USA developing talent for the modeling and television industry, and continues to create joyful and vibrant paintings.