Nathan Johnson

Freelance Audio Editor & Music Producer

Location:Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States
2 Skills
Hybrid Engineering is the the spawn and project of solely Nathan J. Johnson, from St. Paul MN. Nathan has been working with music theory, live instruments, digital composition/production and electronic audio for over six years and has worked with a wide variety of styles with other musicians as well as pursuing his own musical endeavors. Nathan has worked with hard rock, metal, hip-hop/rap, electronica, electro, industrial, ambient, experimental styles and everything in between.
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After receiving your message I will call or reply as soon as possible to arrange details.
Generally speaking, prices for tracks* are listed as follows:

1 to 3 tracks - $28 a piece
4 to 6 tracks - $26 a piece
7 to 8 tracks - $24 a piece
9 to 11 tracks - $22 a piece
12+ tracks - $20 a piece
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Audio Editing
Music Production