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Emma Crabb

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I am a young mother if two little boys, I am married to a wonderful man, I love to write poetry it flows through my veins as a natural talent
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I have written and published 2 books already, I am 21 years of age at this point I was born in 1991 and I am wanting to pursue a long life career in what I love poem writing comes so naturally to me. here is just a small demonstration of what I can do on a daily basis hopefully to earn my own income.

The soldier

You want the truth about soldiers now
well here it is what, where, when and how,
standing on the front line in uniform,
weather making no difference sunshine or storm,
with gun upon their back and hat upon their head,
any second at all they could end up dead,
they are fighting for your kids, they are fighting for your wife,
they are fighting for our country, they fighting for their life,
many of them are only sixteen,
and fight for our country and queen,
each one standing strong and brave,
not knowing if they will be ending up in a grave,
their best friends legs been blown off across the floor,
and the'll be the one to knock on their family's door,
they have to face it and their only choice is live or die,
no time to question your decision of what you did or why,
when remembrance day comes around,
and you see poppies laid upon the ground,
and for just one minute you don't make a single sound,
as we remember all those soldiers underground.

I hope this gives you a little incite of what I can do I look forward to employment in the not to distant future.
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