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Kersie Khambatta

Freelance Speech Writer & Book Writer

Location:Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
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P.S.E. Writing Services

Children holding hands, cast in a lovely white marble statue, say to you:- “Welcome to our garden!”
We say:- “Welcome to our writing services!”
We will write for you in plain, simple, easy-to-follow English. No difficult words. You will not have to refer to a dictionary.
There was once a judge of the highest court who wrote judgments in such high-flown language few could follow, .....least of all the magistrates who were bound by what he had laid down!
We will write for you on legal subjects and other subjects in language even a school student understands.
We will copy-write for you. (Copywriting is writing to promote something. Copywriting is used on paper, on the net, on TV and on the radio. It promotes a product, an idea, a business or a person. Copywriters are used for work in advertising or public relations. We will target your audience. We will structure a document for the best effect. We will write persuasively. We will appeal to the readers’ emotions. You will then be able to reap the benefits).
We will write for you a press release. ( A press release is a newsworthy story sent to newspapers, radio, television or magazines).
We will do sub-editing for you. (A sub-editor goes through the writing before publication, and checks its accuracy, tone and style. A sub-editor needs to have knowledge of copyright and defamation law).
We will coach you. (A coach helps and guides people who want to learn).
We will do ghost-writing for you. (A ghost-writer is paid to write books, articles or blogs for another person).
We will do proofreading for you. (A proof-reader goes through written material before it goes to print, correcting errors in spelling and grammar).
We will do speechwriting for you. (We will prepare a speech which will grip your audience).
We will write business plans for your business.
We will write fundraising appeals for you.
We will write content for greeting cards.


We have the right skills, knowledge, qualifications and experience:-

A Diploma of Associateship of the British Tutorial Institute, London, in English, Modern Journalism, and Journalism in India.
A Certificate in Comprehensive Writing awarded in October 2005 by the Writing School (Australia and New Zealand).

Been a practising lawyer for more than forty-five years.
Qualifications: - B. Com. (University of Bombay).
LLB. (University of Bombay).

Used to teach law part-time for about three years to students of the AUT, Auckland, New Zealand, studying for the Legal Executive course.
Used to teach law part-time for many years to students studying for the LLB degree at the University of Bombay, India.
Was awarded the Best Student of the Year Rotary Club Prize (jointly with another) in 1965/66.
Was awarded the Sir Chimanlal Setalwad K. T. Jubilee Memorial Prize for standing first at the February 1967 professional entrance examination of the Bar Council of Maharashtra.

Personal attributes: -
Maturity, experience, hard work, sincerity, tolerance, punctuality, ability to assess information and make decisions, to listen carefully, to relate to and communicate with a variety of people, to respond sensitively and appropriately to cultural differences, fair-mindedness and impartiality, and common sense.


(Documents can be emailed to P.S.E. Writing Services as attachments, faxed or sent by post. (Strict confidentiality is assured.)

Contact details:-
P.S.E. Writing Services.
P.O. Box 39226,
Auckland 2145,
New Zealand.

Fax:- 006495351925.
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Speech Writing
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