Celine Roberts

Freelance Artist & Sculptor

Location:Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
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Currently working and living in Sydney, I majored in Sculpture, Performance and Installation at the College of Fine Arts where completed my degree with Honours in 2012. 
My practice involves working mainly in sculpture and installation, exploring the body and identity through my experimentation of different mediums and materials. Fascinated with death, intimacy and technology, I use a wide range of techniques to create sculptural installations. My persistence and patience, and at times obsessive compulsiveness, creates an intricate sensitivity to my work. I feel that an element of "play" is an important component to the creative process. Through playing with a medium and representing it in an unfamiliar context, I hope to broaden our understanding or interpretation of it.
Though I work predominantly in sculpture and installation, I do not restrict my practice in any way. If a work evolves into a painting, drawing or photo media I allow the shift to continue. I would classify myself as an interdisciplinary artist, using a wide range of acquired techniques in my work.
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