Mark Krediet

Freelance Album Designer & Graphic Designer

Location:Mankato, Minnesota, United States
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I am a Designer/Artist from Mankato Minnesota. There are three things in my life that I am really obsessed with, and in no particular order they are as follows. Design/Art, Music, and Motors. I am in constant motion. I build things, I create things, and by bringing together certain elements to create one cingular design or inspiration gives me a sense of self empowerment. (but in a good

By December of 2011, I received two degrees in both Graphic Design and Illustration, which I put to use everyday as a freelance artist/designer. I have had several opportunities to design website banners, create Branding/logo design, custom artwork, as well as learn organizational and multitasking skills along the way.

Recently, I have been studying up on the backend of web design in order to be able to create functioning websites from start to finish.

Some of the experience and strengths I have obtained over the years as a designer/artist include
- Brand/Identity Creation, Layout Design, Campaign Design and Execution:
- Creating and maintaining relationships with dozens of clients
- Organization and multitasking skills
- Calm under pressure in a fast-paced environment
- Sticking to strict deadlines
- The importance of Search Engine Optimization

I specialize in Adobe Creative Suite - Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, After Effects
- Layout Design
- Hand Illustration
- Web Design
- Fine Arts (painting,drawing,...etc)
- Advanced internet knowledge, skills and capabilities
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Album Design
Graphic Design