Julia Overlin

Freelance Narrator & Transcriptionist

Location:Casper, Wyoming, United States
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Why you should use us:
We care about your project as much as you do.
We are a strictly-digital transcription company. We have found strength in keeping our niche refined and providing strictly-digital transcription, catering to the Entertainment Industry, but accepting of work from all industries.
We come to you with 11 years' experience in Entertainment Transcription. Our focus is on detail, giving you back a transcript that has captured every facet of your project. We are geared to capture every sound we hear, from the smallest cricket to the biggest airplane flying overhead, and we'll indicate its presence in your transcript. If you do not want that much detail, we can just as easily leave it out.

What types of transcripts we offer:
One-on-One Interviews | Phone Calls | Lectures/Speeches | Conference Calls | Podcasts
Focus Groups | Seminars | Panel Discussions | Multi-person Interviews | Reality-TV |
TV Shows - As Broadcast, Dialogue List | Film Commentaries - single spkr |
Film Commentaries - multiple spkrs

Audio/Visual Transcription - Digital Media Formats Accepted:
.mp3, mp4, .wav, DVD, CD, .aiff, .mov, .wma

Transcribing from Printed Materials:
We also transcribe from printed materials, books, multiple resources to be incorporated into one .doc file or anything in the publishing realm we may not yet be aware of.

Send us your sound file(s) by way of mailing us a CD/DVD of them, or send us your FTP login info and we can download them from here. We'll email you confirming when we've received it. For publishing projects once project is given the green light mailing address will be given to which original materials may be sent. (If you have a FedEx acct that can be used during the course of the project for shipping back-and-forth it would be greatly appreciated.)

Generally, for good-quality original audio/visual media, $80 / 30 mins of original material. Prices go up as the quality of the original material goes down. For Printed Material Transcription rates vary on a project-specific basis, to be determined in initial consultation once project needs are understood.

We look forward to hearing from you again and getting to help with your upcoming project.
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