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Lori E. F. Bennett (lorel l. b.)

Freelance Drawer & Portrait Artist

Location:Houma, Louisiana, United States
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L o r e l L . B .
l o r e l l b p a i n t e d w i n g s a r t @ g m a i l . c o m

Art is a labor of love that studies the virtue of perspective, acknowledging its variations from person to person and intentionally expanding the ways in which the artist might experience the world around them and, within that context, find a contemplative space, somewhere back in the mind's eye, that disentangles visual symbolism and meditative moments. No human being can duplicate perspective, Perspective is not a phenomenon that can be photocopied or cloned, but it is the job of the artist to make available a window where any person can seek and perceive an infinite number of perspectives relevant to their own life narrative, based on carefully placed symbolism and usage of design. Likewise, my work is an attempt to gain insight from the fundamental presence of the world around me, to explore, study and contemplate the ideas that reveal themselves to me.

Life is my Muse, the wonder of nature, the beauty of the universe, the stability of its cycles, but most of all, the way in which people interact with their environment. We are fascinating creatures, capable of reasoning moral dilemmas, interpreting complicated philosophies and creating complex studies of the abstract, but we are simple beings all the same. We seek the fundamental needs of all life: food, water, shelter and are innately drawn to belong. We are social beings that seek the love and compassion of those like us; we yearn to be understood and to understand, to create and to destroy, to give and receive, to feel alive. Within this passion of contradictions, I find art.

I use the human figure as the common denomination to which any viewer can relate and intertwine each piece with an intricate web of allegories. These are placed with my own ideas and revelations in mind, but with the intention that you may derive your own definitions. Though I have a love for oil paints and charcoal, I work with a variety of media, form ink to the occasional piece created from paper maché. My goal is to preserve the life and mobility of each figure or object by working in a fluid and often messy fashion, while focusing of lighting and texture to create depth abd contrast, but, most of all, to communicate with the viewer the stories, secrets and buds of wisdom that each image reveals when the viewer is willing to call upon them.
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